3 Things That Sets Wellmien Apart from Other Health Suppliers

This pandemic has made it mandatory for people to only reach out for the best health supplies on the market. As the demand for such products increased since 2019, Wellmien stood out to bridge the gap between their customers and the quality resources they deserved. May they be face masks, disposable caps, gloves, gowns, wipes, first-aid packs, or wound-care products; Wellmien Health Supplies stands among the top companies to supply global medical care.

Based in Taixing City, Jiangsu, China, Wellmien Health Supplies are your go-to if you are looking for exceptional health supplies or want to buy wholesale products. Wellmien also sells its products to worldwide markets, and to settings such as hospitals, households, food industries, government agencies, etc.

Established in May 2006 by two people, Wellmien Health Supplies rose from a small manufacturing factory into an ISO 13485, CE, US FDA 510K approved company. Wellmien Taixing factory was authorized by USAID Global Health Supply Chain in 2016, and its annual sales were estimated to be above 35 million USD in 2020.

Built up from scratch, Wellmien has strived to reach the position where they are now. This was only possible due to three sometimes-overlooked things that Wellmien did differently as opposed to their counterparts:

Wellmien Is Transparent in All of Its Processes

If you go ahead to their website, you would agree that Wellmien hides nothing from its consumers. From videos showcasing how masks are mass-produced to various certifications proving Wellmien’s validity in providing value in the supplies they offer; their website is a stark reminder of why they should be chosen over and over again.

Wellmien has a list of certifications on their website that shows the various testing done on different surgical masks to prove their effective use. They have also published the certifications that mark their registration, such as their company and their Taxing Factory being ISO 13485:2016 certified. 

The team members working in Wellmien are also listed on their website along with their qualifications and work experience, rendering Wellmien credible and trustworthy.

A Quality Management System

Wellmien has reached the ranks of the top health suppliers because of its high-quality management system. It ensures that all products pass a quality check before they are shipped. But what sets them apart is they perform more than one test.

Maximum two tests take place during the Product Quality Control Process at Wellmien factory:

  1. Pre-production confirmation: this step ensures that the customer’s requirements and samples have been taken into consideration and there is no error whatsoever in the design of the product. If this test fails, the product is sent again to the factory proofing step and is conformed to the required standards. 
  2. Product confirmation before shipment or factory inspection: After the above test is passed, the product is mass-produced and then tested again via this test. This ensures that those flawed or defective products, if present, are detected. If this test fails, the product is improved and then mass-produced again. 

Tailored to Customer’s Needs

Not only does Wellmien have a huge variety of high-quality products available on their website, but these products are also followed by long descriptions and tests that satisfy the customer that what they are buying is fit for their needs and is credible.

Different types of face masks are clearly described on their website with the differences they have in, such as breathing efficiency, fluid splash resistance, and particulate filtration efficiency. Anti-glare surgical masks are also available on their website.

They have products available in different colors and sizes. The size charts are mentioned with every product and each different-colored product is displayed to make it easier for the customer to choose. 

Different advantages of each product are pointed out through a labeled picture to target what a customer might require from a specific product. The material that Wellmien uses is also included in their product description charts and the characteristics of each item are detailed and highly useful.

Above all, Wellmien has 24/7 online customer service and 100% customer satisfaction. Tailored to its customers’ needs, Wellmien has proved what is important to run a highly successful company; to be aware of what the customer wants and to cater to their needs only. 

It does show that its 14+ years of experience in running this company has only made Wellmien strive to become better than it was yesterday.

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