5 Most Comfortable & Durable Footwear for Kids

Kids are more active and energetic than most adults. They do a lot of physical activity and yet remain vigorous all the time. We all have been through these dynamic days of childhood, although we might not be able to recall it today. But you can clearly imagine your childhood by looking at your kids. If you can pay close attention to most of the activities performed by your kids, you will notice one important thing for sure. The thing is, kids, run a lot. This is the reason why most of their injuries are around the feet.

So, it is necessary for kids to wear proper footwear in order to avoid such injuries. You might say we already know the importance of wearing footwear, so what’s the point in telling all this? The reason behind this is that the footwear your child is wearing might not be comfortable and can hurt their feet. And, you might remain unaware of this forever, as your child won’t come and inform you directly. Therefore, today we have curated the 5 best footwear for your kids that are highly comfortable and durable at the same time. You can buy them at Level Shoes. Moreover, you can also get discounts on kids footwear with Level Shoes Promo Codes.


Boot were traditionally used for the protection of feet while doing the work. They were made of either rubber or leather. But today, you can find boots made up of different materials. Also, today, boots are no longer used only for protecting the feet from external forces. On the contrary, they are used at special events, occasions, and birthday parties. They look quite attractive and are long-lasting. Kids can wear these shoes during their school events as well. Boots provide a decent outlook and enhance the overall outfit of kids. 


Espadrille is a unique modern footwear that is simple to wear and take off, unlike boots and other footwear. They cover most areas of the feet and revamp protection. Kids can wear Espadrilles while playing sports and performing regular chores. The most appropriate season to wear them is summer, as they are lightweight and provide the necessary ventilation to the feet. Today, Espadrilles can be found in many designs & shapes. If you are looking for kid’s footwear that is durable and easy to wear, then you can go for Espadrilles. 

Loafers & Moccassins

If you are looking for casual footwear that can be worn in the house or while going out for a walk, you can opt for loafers, as they are very easy to wear. Moccassins, on the other hand, are a bit fancy, and they are embellished with attractive pieces. But, when it comes to durability, you can rely on loafers as they are made up of materials like suede and leather. So, no matter how roughly you use them, they will last for long. Boys can wear them on pants, and girls can wear them on skirts to get the perfect look. 


On hot days of the summer, our feet sweat a lot when they are enclosed in boots and other similar footwear, thereby giving rise to a strong stinky smell. In such times it is wise to put on breathable footwear that allows feet to breathe the air around and remain dry throughout the day. On the other hand, sandals are a great way to eradicate various problems, including bunions, shin splints, and tendonitis that arise due to the usage of tight & enclosed shoes. Hence, kids can wear sandals, especially during the hot days, to keep their feet healthy & infection free throughout the year.

Slides & Flip Flops

Whether you are on your vacation at the beach or going out to the market to bring some groceries, you can always rely on slides and flip-flops. You can find them at various online stores. One such store is Level Shoes, where you can get kids’ flip flops and slides at affordable rates. You can get the best slides and flip flops for your kids now and save an extra amount on your purchase using Level Shoes Discount Codes.

Final Thoughts

Footwear plays an essential role in kids’ life. Hence, it is necessary to ensure the safety of your kids feet by providing them the right footwear. It is also true that one should not wear the same type of footwear over the entire year as the surrounding temperature keeps changing. So, choose your footwear wisely and keep your feet healthy and strong all the time.

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