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6 Home Modifications Needed to Start an In-House Daycare

An in-house daycare business is perfect for you if you have experience in early childhood education and love spending time with children. You get to work from home, spend more time with your kids, put your teaching skills to use, and earn extra money. You do need proper licensing and permits to do so, though.

Stats show an 8% job growth rate for childcare workers from 2020 to 2030. Almost one-quarter (23.4%) of kids under five attend a daycare center. 58% of working parents utilize the services of child care centers, i.e., 6.38 million parents across the nation. An average American with children spends 10% of their income on child care services.

To start an in-house daycare, you must look at your home from a business perspective, considering taxes, liabilities, licensure and permits, among other factors—and for children, the utmost important factor is their safety.

You need to make the following six changes in your house to make it more usable, appealing, safer, and profitable.

One of the most important things is to ensure that children in your daycare center face no health hazards or unhygienic conditions. Children are prone to diseases as their immune systems are not fully developed yet, and if they come in contact with any bacteria or viruses, they are more likely to fall ill. Also, you cannot make children follow SOPs like not shaking hands or limiting contact with each other, so there’s always a higher chance of transferring diseases to each other. Hence, your prime focus must be on maintaining proper cleanliness in your house.

It’s best to get your house cleaned by professionals who provide commercial cleaning services in your area. Say you live in Atlanta, Georgia, Google “commercial cleaning services Atlanta Georgia”, and you will find companies that can professionally clean your place. From virus vaporizer service to restroom and hygiene maintenance and hand hygiene programs, you will find all types of services here.

If there is some buildup between grouts and tiles, children can touch it or put their dirty hands in their mouths. Thus, from tiles to toilets, everything needs to be properly clean.

  • Structural Modifications:

To turn your house into a commercial daycare center, you will need to add relevant functioning features to your house. Add shelves or racks near the entrance so the kids can put their shoes and bags there.

You will need extra space in your house, so it’s best to have new cupboards dedicated for storage. Add separate cupboards to store toys, stationary, books, and other supplies. You can use baskets too.

You will also need separate rooms for kids to sleep, play, and learn. So you can take a construction permit and build a separate room or clear up and modify a space in your house for commercial use.

  • Upgrade the Locks:

It’s quite difficult to supervise a lot of kids at the same time. You will be changing a kid’s diaper while another one will have opened the door or picked up a heavy item from a cupboard. It’s best to secure and lock doors and drawers. You need to install door knob locks and drawer locks.

Also, consider removing or replacing drawer or door knobs that have sharp, pointy designs as they can hurt children. Put a lock on the toilet seat and get a slow closing toilet seat so kids don’t hurt their fingers. Put all your medicines, scissors, razors, and chemicals like detergents or delicate things like perfume glass bottles in a high locked cupboard.

  • Install Safety Gates:

One of the most attractive and dangerous places for toddlers is stairs. It would be a major problem if a toddler falls off stairs or hurts themselves in any way trying to climb it. You can opt for safety gates to baby-proof your stairs.

There are different types of safety gates in the market, and you must be attentive while buying one. First, take measurements to ensure that the safety gate will fit. Second, go for the ones bolted into the wall instead of pressure-mounted ones. Likewise, install safety gates at the end and the top of the stairs.

Furthermore, you can cover other things like the fireplace with safety gates too. Another key aspect is that the safety gate must have a lock and shouldn’t be easy or accessible for toddlers to open. The kids must not be able to jump or climb over it.

  • Window Safety:

Windows are ever so interesting for kids as they want to peek outside. But it can be very dangerous if someone climbs out. You don’t want a child getting hurt or go missing. Properly secure the windows by locking them and installing locks that are out of reach of children or those that adults can open.

Remove any furniture from the front of the window that children can climb on. If you have to keep the window open, install safety bars. Get a window wage or window stopper for additional safety.

If there are curtains, tie them up because children will pull those down, and they might come down along with the rod.

Similarly, if there are hanging cords of window blinds, it can lead to a strangling hazard. Cordless blinds and roller shades are the safest options.

  • Cover Electric Outlets:

It’s crucial to cover all the electrical outlets with childproof plastic covers. These covers have a flat exterior, and it’s difficult for toddlers to grip them and remove them. Also, to be more careful, after covering the outlets, put furniture in front of them to hide them completely.

If there are any hanging cords around, it raises serious concerns about choking and strangling hazards. Make extra space in cabinets to put all cords and extensions out of children’s reach. If there still needs to be an open extension cord, you can buy safety cord covers.

Another useful option is fitting the sockets with tamper-proof receptacles. With these, the sockets only open if there is pressure on all holes at the same time. And kids cannot do that.


To start a commercial in-house daycare service, there are some requirements you need to fulfill. Your house must be safe and meet all rules and regulations to run as a commercial daycare. If you are opting for this option, consider making these six modifications to your house.

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