A Professional Guide to Play Crazy Time and Win Big

Crazy Time game has gained a lot of attention in recent years. In the Crazy Time live casino game, players can choose from eight bets across 54-wheel segments. The game has four different numbered bets, each with its own set of possibilities for spaces and rewards. To top it all off, four bonus games keep things interesting. This write-up includes guidance and strategies required to excel in the Crazy Time game.

How to Play Crazy Time Game?

Before entering a Crazy Time live casino, one must understand the game’s mechanics and educate oneself on its diverse regulations. Fortunately, the game is readily understandable. Below is a guide on the rules and gameplay of the game Crazy Time; let’s take a look:

  • Establish a Wagering Amount – The first step is to choose a certain amount for betting. Consider your available funds and invest a certain amount for each gaming session. 
  • Wager on Wheel Segments – Depending on your risk tolerance, you can place bets on multiple portions concurrently. To increase your chances of success, you can try to place a wager on a bonus section, which offers a higher potential of winning larger payouts and prizes.
  • Pay close attention to the timer – Monitor the timer closely throughout the betting phase of the game. Failure to put a wager within the specified period will disqualify you from receiving prizes or payments in that particular round. Ensure that you are consistently vigilant in this matter. 
  • Observe the Wheel Spinning – The presenter will rotate the wheel when the bets have been verified. The expansive wheel will rotate on the uppermost slot reel, which has a variety of multipliers throughout the game. 
  • Redo – If the wheel lands on a bonus game you placed a wager on, you can play the game ahead. If your wagers did not result in a win during the current round, the process would be repeated until a bonus game is initiated and activated. 
  • Get to know yourself with the Payout Table – It is crucial to familiarise yourself with the game’s payout table to devise the most optimal Crazy Time methods and tips for playing.

Strategies for Crazy Time Live Casino

Below mentioned are some of the strategies:

  • All-in – Place bets on every available option to maximise your winning potential. This technique also guarantees that you will consistently meet the requirements to access the bonus games whenever they occur. You can either evenly distribute identical values across all options or, if you prefer a strategic approach, vary your betting amounts by selecting those that have yielded the highest winnings in your current game.
  • Martingale – The Martingale is a highly favoured Roulette Strategy that has gained significant popularity, even though a variant has been developed specifically for Crazy Time. In essence, you determine your wagers, and in the event of a loss, you maintain the same betting strategy but increase the bet amounts twofold. 
  • Play safe – This approach involves completely ignoring the bonus game areas and placing bets solely on the numbered spaces that are accessible. This strategy is considered very secure since the numbered spaces, particularly the single number 1, are the most frequent on the wheel, accounting for 21 possible segments. Out of the 54-wheel segments, the numbered spots account for 45, indicating a high probability of landing on a winning number.

Tips for Maximising Cash Hunt Winnings

In the Crazy Time live casino, the Cash Hunt bonus round is featured in two green segments. It is widely favoured by Crazy Time players because of its perceived strategic aspect, making it the most popular bonus round for those who play live casino games online.

The Cash Hunt is an interactive game where 108 random multipliers are displayed on the screen and can be played. These symbols obscure the location of the items and then rearrange them, resulting in uncertainty about their positions.

Your task is to identify the largest multiplier by actively searching for it among the randomly generated symbols on the screen. To select a symbol, you direct your mouse or finger and launch a cannon, propelling the symbol of your preference.

The game automatically selects one if you do not select a target within the specified period. The symbols gradually diminish on the screen, unveiling your multiplier reward. Each participant will experience a unique outcome based on their selected symbol. The sole approach in this situation is to derive enjoyment, as no means exist to augment the likelihood of attaining a greater win multiplier. Here, the top recommendation is to savour and appreciate this bonus round while ensuring that you always place a wager on it.

Remember, participants can confidently manage the game when they are armed with information. From understanding the mechanics to placing bets based on that knowledge, the route to success is simple. Hope good fortune is on your side as you set off on your trek through Crazy Time. You can check out reliable platforms like Fun88 for more info and try your luck playing Crazy Time live casino.

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