A simple guide for project controlling

Project controlling is the process group where we as project managers spend most of our time. where the project team spends the most of their time and delivering the project while the team is busy and executing delivering the project. when the project managers are busy and monitoring controlling monitoring and controlling the project the main activity and monitoring controlling from their integration knowledge area is monitoring and controlling the project.

What Are Project Controls?

Project control is work making sure all of the bits and pieces make sure the schedule the time the cost the quality making sure that each and every one of our nine knowledge areas are being properly implemented on project controlling. Project work much like we saw in executing is really best defined through the remaining processes perform integrated change control making sure that all can I say all 36 times and not bore you ensuring that all changes are properly processed and documented through integrated change control.

Project Controls Importance

The Project importance care integrated that when we’re looking at a change.We just don’t say that affects the budget or that affects the cost that we look at the impact of all changes for scope for time for cost for human resources for procurement for risk for quality and soon that we ensure that all changes are fully integrated across all the knowledge areas and that all changes are in fact addressed and documented through monitoring and control monitoring control is all about verifying the scope.

Project Development

Because the integrated change control and ensuring you’re only do the scope work verifying.

Project Scope                           

The scope is focused on acceptance ensuring that the work ensuring that the quality of the work ensuring that the focus of the work ensuring that the depth and breadth of the work being done is focused on acceptance validating that all the deliverable will meet the project requirements verifying the scopes. Its focus is on obtaining final project control. what monitoring control is all about controlling that the scope is appropriate, and we do that through integrated change control verifying that the budget. In that project business case amount of money, that the project remains on schedule that if this was a six-month project, we are successfully delivering it in six months we talked about verifying the scope moving towards acceptance part of that is performing quality control.

Project Implementation

We are doing things right in executing. We focused on project quality assurance. Now we’refocused on project control. We are doing things right again it’s focuses on verifying the scope moving towards acceptance we’re reporting performance.

We are telling everybody how the projects going we’re processing we are collecting we’re distributing the performance information the status the progress measurements and the forecast.

Project monitoring and controlling

we’re monitoring and controlling risks were making sure that we’re actively looking at our risk radar and that we’re tracking the risk items.

Our project as just mentioned in the introduction integrated change control involves managing all changes large changes and small changes large changes need to be managed as separate changes managed separately dealt with independently large changes need to have a separate change document identifying the impact of the change.

That’s scope control scope verification’s ensuring that the deliverable satisfy the scope that flannel acceptance is going to be approved.So,it’s ensuring that each work product each deliverable worked on for the project are acceptable. It’s the ongoing it’s the incremental review it’s the incremental process to ensure that interim deliverable work,and process is reviewed with the business unit to ensure.

When it is finally delivered will set us by total project requirements so if you do good scope

verification ensuring.

What are the benefits of project controls?

Project control is a key aspect for what we need to be doing in this phase of project management. We need to ensure we have total control.  Yes, I believe total control over the project as a project manager.We need to ensure we have absolute understanding of the scope is the team delivering is the team working on the tasks.

it’s going to have on the total project schedule and the component of control that is probably

most carefully monitored in all organizations is the budget dollars are very easily understood by

everyone in the business understands the impact of spending dollars on a project it’s dollars.That’snot available for a company profitability or it’s dollars that’s not available to be spent on other activities in the project so as a project manager we need to monitor carefully diligently.The scope to schedule the budget we need to be prepared to work and rework the schedule the scope.

Overall business requirements an additional control element quality the control is part of overall project monitoring and control quality control ensures that the project delivers.The products produced by the product satisfy the over all business. Project control we need to be acting on those current risks based on the timeline of when the risk is likely to impact our project.

Project monitoring control is performed through integrated change control making sure that all changes every change to the project is processed true change control and more importantly.That the change control is integrated that all changes consider the impact on cost time scope quality Human Resources procurement. The project monitoring and controls all about verifying scope moving towards acceptance making sure that each deliverable in our project is oriented towards final project completion and that each deliverable we produce for the project has the appropriate component sin it to ensure that the deliverable.Itself gets accepted monitoring controlling obviously, it’s all about control we are going to control the scope of the project.

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