All About Broken Silenze:

Broken Silenze is a platform, an urban entertainment channel that provides content on BrokenSilenze. Net. The purpose of the website is to review or be a critic, new reporting, and pubic reviews. It provides links to different websites for your comfort and helps in spreading information related to anything.

Moreover,Broken Silenze doesn’t take any responsibility for the quality of website content; how much correct is the content? As well as if the information is complete or not. The owner of this site has denied being responsible for this.

Does Broken Silenze Give Any Guarantee Of The Website?

No, it doesn’t give any guarantee for the authenticity, accuracy, and worth of content available on the website. The major part of the terms and conditions is that the owner won’t be responsible for any damage that occurs because of the information found on this site.

It excludes all the problems that occur from the usage of this information.

What Is The Privacy Policy?

Broken silenze has strict policies and rules as it is concerned about its visitors. They don’t disclose any kind of information of the visitor until or unless it believes that revealing has become mandatory. For the protection of its website, they disclose it.

They don’t give anyone visitors’ information except its workers; they need to know it to proceed with the further procedure. Workers have already agreed not to disclose information further.


They accumulate stats daily about the number of visitors who visit their website and what do they search for, their activity. But, all of their privacy is safe because of strict privacy rules, and it can never be disclosed until an order of the court.


According to DMCA. will quickly react or respond to any reported copyright claim. If you are an owner of the copyright or have any authority to report copyright claim or trust over the copying of work, then please report on, including the information given below:

1: Firstly reorganization of copyright which you are claiming and some information about the material to find the content. This information has to be in URL form, including the date as well as time.

2:  Must provide any information like email address, contact number, etc., of an accused person for contact.

3: Also, provide a statement that the notification’s information is correct.

Is It A Safe Site To Use?

Yes, many people have used it. According to some scam detecting sites, it has proved safe. After analysis of approximately more than 50 people, the scam detecting site has approved it legit and safe for users.

What Is The Rank Of The Website?

The website is ranked 7,740,782, with numerous different websites also according to Alexa traffic rank. Alexa is one of the most famous services for ranking websites, depending on its gathers traffic.

If the website rank is less than 500K, the site has plenty of traffic, less than 5M, it has some traffic, and even 15 million + is not a lot. If the website ranks at 0, then the website has zero traffic.

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