All major December global holidays

The last month of the year is full of holidays around the world. This article is going to illuminate some of the December global holidays. Holidays aren’t specific, but they relate themselves to different cultures and traditions.

That’s what makes every holiday special for the people who can connect with them. We’ll try to cover all the major holidays from the special month of December. So you can become familiar with other cultures too.

It is always exhilarating to learn and research about other ethnicities and their beliefs. Holidays provide us a chance to become familiar with other people’s beliefs joyfully. So without wasting any further time, let’s get started,

List of major December global holidays:



Let’s dig deep into the details about every global holiday happening in the month of December,

1-Festival of lights (Diwali):

The Festival of lights which is also famous as Diwali in India, holds significant importance. It’s almost the brightest time of the year’s eve, mostly in India, where most people observe this holiday based on religious beliefs.

Besides, many reports in India claim that the Festival of Lights is in connection to Hinduism, but other religious communities observe this event. The word Diwali is basically presenting spiritual glory against darkness or fright.

So people observe this religious event to glorify good spirits against the darkness inside human beings. That is the reason why this event holds so much value for all Hindus around the globe.

How does people celebrate Festival of Lights?


You will find distinctions in the celebrations when it comes to the Festival of lights performed among most Hindu communities worldwide. It is through observations that people in India celebrate Diwali by lighting their houses and streets.

Moreover, some people change the interior and exterior feel of their homes. They pronounce the feel of their houses by adding lights of different colors. Religious Hindus perform different spiritual ceremonies inside their houses using different signature elements.

Lakshmi is the most practiced of all religious worshipping ceremonies in the Festival of lights which locals call “Diwali.” There can be various distinctions in the religious ceremonies performed during this Festival depending upon people’s beliefs.

Sharing gifts:

Exchanging gifts is the signature element of this Festival. The participants felt blessed about the Festival, so they found ways to appreciate the blessings and spiritual glory. Adding more, the lights and gifts are delineated as bright objects against the evil that fails.

Moreover, the people perform fireworks, and they prepare different feasts to exaggerate the event highlights.

2-Boxing Day:

Here comes a very important holiday for Christians, especially in Britain (United Kingdom). The holiday had lost its original essence when it was started a long time ago, and today, it is mainly observed for the sake of shopping. So, the holiday comes on December 26, which is a day after the Christmas event.

Also, the holiday originates to give away blessings of Christmas to the poor and needy. So Boxing Day is the next day to Christmas, and it is to give away gifts to the underprivileged part of society.

Currently, in British Empire, people will just observe holidays to go out on a shopping spree.

The concept of equality:

You would admire the objectivity of Boxing Day as it somehow promotes equality. Boxing Day has to be reserved for the poor as they can’t afford to celebrate the blessings of the Christmas holidays by themselves.

So the people give away the gifts and present them to the lower strata of the society to promote a sense of equality. That way, people from all classes can cherish the beauty of this most celebrated Festival around the globe.

3-Jewish Festival (Hanukkah):


This is one of the really important December global holidays events for all the Jewish people dwelling around the globe. You will find different myths regarding this substantial history-oriented event observed by the Jews, and the authentic reason behind the event is a commemoration for the recovery of Jerusalem.

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You will observe people observing these holidays from day to night, keeping no distinction. In addition, there is a signature symbol that delineates the soul of this Festival in the history of Jews. You will find candle lightings called a menorah.

These candles consist of nine branches to make a network delineating the essence of this Festival.

The gratitude:

It’s possibly the core purpose of observing this very important event for the Jews living in any part of the world. Jerusalem holds grave importance for every Jew who holds up religious beliefs. Therefore, they show gratitude for the recovery of this important city long ago.

The celebrations represent the way Jew people revere their holy city, and its essence is still alive inside their hearts.

4- Christmas traditions united states:


These are probably the most popular holidays in the month of December. Christmas in the United States is like a spirit of happiness. From narrow lighted streets to the immense shopping centers, Christmas leaves its marks everywhere.

American people celebrate Christmas events with the exchange of gifts with their loved ones as for the birth of Jesus Christ. In addition, there is a tradition of secret Santa and hanging stockings to complement this beautiful event holding exclusive value for everyone.

5-Matunda ya kwanza:

This is a very recent holiday that was originated to empower American-African unity. The Maulana Karenga originated it in Los Angeles. So he started this holiday roughly in about 1966 to empower this unity.

Therefore, people from both ethnicities acknowledge and respect these holidays from December 26 to January 1. In addition, this Festival promotes various determined values to common people.

This Festival lasts for seven days, and there’s a core reason behind this duration. There are seven values: self-determination, unity, collective work, responsibility, purpose, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith.

All the about beliefs:

There will always be a lesson for everyone in Matunda ya kwanza holidays for unity and peace. People who connect with the roots of their American and African ancestors strongly feel about this Festival. Therefore, they try to observe and revere these holidays with enthusiasm and dedication.

It’s factual that this event doesn’t hold huge importance for the people, unlike the Christmas holidays. But it still promotes a beautiful concept about cordial human association regardless of race or religion.

Maulana Karenga wanted to witness the two races getting along well and in good spirits even in the coming future. So the people from both ethnicities were educated so they could become more acquainted with the core purpose of these holidays.

Hence, people who commemorate this delicate and sane message of peace still observe these holidays.

6-Hebrew calendar:

You are looking at a Jewish calendar, and it was started long ago from about AD 900. There is an amazing fact about this revered calendar by the Jews, and that is how it remained unchanged over time.

So the Hebrew calendar is now the official religious calendar of the state of Israel. It would help if you were confused about specifying the difference between a regular and religious calendar. Then, you must know that this calendar is based on the luni-solar metric.

That is how you can easily differentiate between our normal calendar and the Jewish religious calendar.

Here comes the major distinction:

People who live around a religious bubble follow this unconventional calendar in current times too. On the flip side, the common people still follow and deal with international affairs by following the standard calendar we all do around the globe.

7-Gregorian calendar:

This calendar is in current use of the western world, and it is marked as a standard calendar. Most countries get help from this calendar and prioritize it for setting up the dates and everything. In addition, the calendar exhibits huge importance for Christians.

It will be authentic to say that the calendar is regarded for both civil and religious reasons. Besides, the calendar was started by Pope Gregory XIII back in 1582, and it has stayed to its very standard to this date.

Most civilizations follow the Georgian calendar as it has become the standard calendar that most people follow.  The workplaces and the events are in practice by following this calendar. There are 365 days when we talk about the Georgian calendar.

There can be a difference of an extra day with every 4-year mark. So these are the standard number of days when it comes to the Georgian calendar.

8-Public holidays in the US:

The working class highly influences the public holidays in the United States in both sectors. Private employees make the most time off for the public holidays if we talk about the United States. In addition, these public holidays are to occur during the working days.

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That is one of the advantages of having paid holidays in the United States. So the public holiday is to be changed back to the workdays if it happens on Saturday or Sunday, which are already a day off for the working class.

The major difference in holidays:

But there are differences when it comes to holidays that are compensated or that aren’t. The holidays such as Christmas days are paid off days for the employees working in different companies. On the other hand, the holidays such as Halloween or any other festival are not paid for.

So that comes down to the general public’s opinion of whether they can afford a day off or not. Additionally, observing holidays or festivals is highly connected to the religious and cultural association of people.

These beliefs influence the decision-making power of the general public. If they feel strongly about a certain occasion or a festival, they participate even if the officials do not compensate for the holiday.

9-Celebration Christmas:

We all know about the sparkling and streets and adorned houses. So Christmas celebrations are not in observation on a specific parameter but vary from person to person. It really depends upon the belief or the nature of every human being, let alone Christians.

In addition, Christmas celebrations are on the basis of a very important belief in Christianity. The Christians observe the birth of Jesus on December 25 global. So, all the celebrations are based on the birth of Jesus Christ.

How are Christmas celebrations like?

Today, people from around the world observe these Christmas holidays as a family-oriented event. They get along with their families and spend time together as for the current times. People are more into these holidays for family enjoyment.

Therefore, people have lost their common essence about the important religious event from history in the current time. Families perform the exchange of gifts with their loved ones as a symbol of love and happiness.

There are many traditions mythically performed during the Christmas holidays. These Christmas traditions can vary from one region to the other region. So it is strictly related to the mindset of the people living in any part of the world.

10-Winter solstice:

This is another event that counts in December global holidaysThe title, “Saturnalia know it,” and it must be new to you by the essence of this holiday. Saturnalia isn’t a straightforward global holiday as it is interconnected with the matter of space.

In addition, the Festival is in great connection  with the current celebration of Christmas as it should be according to our mindsets. So it follows the Christmas traditions alongside their value in the mind of people around the world. Its worth and recognition don’t come anywhere near the Christmas celebrations, but it does make a difference.

It is very strange to know that the Festival takes place right in the middle of winter while the celebration happens at different times. The time to celebrate this holiday is possibly by the ending of the planting season, so it does have this systematic approach towards celebrations.

How does it take place?

It must be a new event in your fresh global holiday diary but let’s understand its core reasoning a little more. The event occurs only when our earth’s poles get to the extraordinary tilt away (distance) from the sun.

You will have to comprehend the hemisphere in order to understand this process in a better way. Once you have this proper idea, you will know that this process happens one time in the hemisphere. The date of the Winter Solstice is December 21.

How do people celebrate the event?

The celebrations are really standard even if we compare it against the Christmas event that holds vital importance. You will find people celebrating this event by spending time with their family and friends.

In addition, people enjoy this event by preparing different mouth-watering feasts to satisfy the standards of celebrations. Singing is also a very important gesture that is in great practice when it comes to family gatherings.

11-Santa Lucia:

This is one of the important December global holidays for Christians particularly. The holiday was observed on December 13, mostly by Roman Catholics, Lutherans, and Anglicans. Besides, it might not be very popular as Christmas, but it has still been acknowledged.

The holiday relates to religious reasons, and there is a background behind this holiday’s observation. Additionally, the event is widely celebrated in Italy, as with the majority of the masses follow Roman Catholic.

The background:

It is important to know the background of this holiday that commemorates the feast of Santa Lucia. She was one of the earliest virgin martyrs in the history of Christianity. Moreover, the feast commemorates her services for the Christianity long time ago.

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She helped the Christians hide in the Roman catacombs during times of crisis. Saint Lucy helped the Christians by bringing them food through tunnels as they were starving. Therefore, the feast acknowledges the efforts of Saint marry services for Christianity.

12-Norse god OdinEnter:


Odin is the  the most important of all gods in Norse mythology. When we learn about Norse mythology more, then we understand the importance of this character. It is popular as the God of War as well if we look back on historical events.

So Odin had exhibited a prime value in the people of Vikings. Besides, only a few people in Denmark still worship this god bringing down its efficacy or strength, according to the people living in Denmark.

The myth:

Roughly over a thousand years ago, there were widespread wars and havoc everywhere as it was an age of darkness. All Vikings would dream to die in the battle so they could join Odin in Valhalla. So every dead Viking was a part of Valhalla where Odin rules.

In addition, there is a concept of female handmaidens who would take those dead warriors to the god of War.

The major Norse holiday (Yule):

So Yule is one the most important December global holiday for the Germanic people, and this Festival starts on December 21 and ends on January 1. There are many things to connect with within the Yule festival.

The people are to prepare special meals and decorate trees. In addition, there is an exchange of gifts with loved ones when it comes to Yule. Moreover, the decoration of the altar is the signature element of Yule.

It has been carried for centuries and is still present to date. The participants have to decorate the altar with flowers and candles, along with some spiritual ceremonies.

The storytelling tradition:

This is possibly the oldest tradition out there in Norse people. They still get together with their loved ones and tell different interesting tales. So this phenomenon is in connection to the psychology of the Norsemen.

They often explain old sagas from history to feel good about themselves. In addition, this tradition makes their kids familiar with their roots and history and how their ancestors struggled for ages.

Legends of War are crucial in this regard as wars were part of life going back into history. That way, these Germanic people still have a wild side inside them as they feel connected with their ancestors through the tradition of storytelling.


1- What is the most celebrated holiday worldwide in December?

You will find many December global holidays in this month of the year, but Christmas is the most famous holiday in the month of December. So you will find the majority of people celebrating this Festival regardless of religion and race.

2-What cultures celebrate holidays in December?

Many distinctive religions celebrate different holidays in the month of December. The basis of these holidays can be different depending upon the beliefs, but they all hold proper significance for the followers.

Christians come on the top of the list with the celebration of Christmas followed by Hanukkah by Judaism. In addition, we have Omisoka that counts in the Japanese culture. So, different cultures celebrate holidays in the month of December.

3-How do you ask questions about holidays?

Many tailored questions can help you to discover more about someone’s important holidays. You can try asking someone about the most memorable day they had and the funniest holiday memory.

You can also ask about their favorite holiday treats to discover more about culture and the holiday itself. Therefore, asking these questions can help you discover more about someone’s important holidays and festivals.

4-What does the Festival symbolize?

Any festival is easy to understand from its core basis, and most of them commemorate the glory of creator. The festivals promote joys and happiness to involve thanking of gods in a unique fashion. Every culture or religion follows different ways of observing festivals.


Festivals and holidays hold prime importance in our lifestyles. December global holidays come into our minds as we discuss different cultures and their festivals. This last month of the year features many holidays observed all around the world.

These holidays are in interconnection with the religious beliefs and trends set by the people. Such holidays and festivals help us to get along with each other by sharing values. Our article discusses these important holidays from the same perspective.

So you can become acquainted with most cultures around the globe.

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