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Are Automation Tools Any Good? Read About Gramdominator Now

It would be hard to find a person who doesn’t use social media, and no wonder – there’s just too much to miss. Even more, not only people are using social media, but companies are doing it too.

Managing social media as a professional is different because you have to be efficient, precise and run multiple accounts. That’s where social media automation tools step in, and in this article, we’ll look into them and introduce you to Gramdominator – one of the best tools for automating Instagram.

What are social media automation tools?

Social media automation is a way to optimize social media accounts using dedicated software and with minimal human intervention. It can be done for one or many accounts at a time by performing various, often repetitive tasks that would otherwise require a lot of constant attention.

These tasks include interacting with the audience via likes and comments, scheduling posts, publishing and republishing content, monitoring trends and tracking user behavior. Some advanced automation tools also include search engine optimization (SEO) tasks by helping monitor keywords and hashtags.

Under the hood, these automation services use bots – software applications programmed to complete repetitive tasks in a computer network. Often, social bots imitate human behavior, so it is hard to distinguish them from ordinary users.

The primary users of automation tools are marketers, but others, most often influencers, can also find a use for them. They save time by making the usage of social media more efficient. Many promotional campaigns would not be possible without automation or, at least, would not be so successful in their reach.

Main benefits of automating social media

The benefits of social media are limited only by your imagination. Specific use cases highly depend on your product and target audience, but we can identify three main benefits of why social media automation is good for you.

Time efficiency is the most noticeable benefit. Anyone who has ever used social media knows how much time it takes to upload posts and do other actions while logging in to different platforms. They are just not made to be time-saving. Instead, their design aims to keep users engaged.

Automation tools move actions to dashboards designed to be efficient and save your time. Scheduling posts, commenting, liking, and everything else can be done through a dashboard in just a couple of clicks.

Controlling your strategy. Being more efficient means you can dedicate time to create more content and interact with your audience more. However, only focusing on quantity isn’t a good idea – you also need to maximize your reach.

Social media automation tools are helpful here because they can collect data. By providing relevant information about what’s going on on social media, they guide you in the right direction. Then, you are only left to make conclusions and target trending topics.

Preserving consistency. Consistent content at repeated times is what separates quality brands from lazy ones. The uniqueness of your messages is what separates you from the competition. Smaller businesses complain that they do not have enough time to overlook all posts and answer every comment.

That is a fair point, but automation tools can solve this without much hassle. They ensure you always post at the same time, whether it is working hours or not. Additionally, seeing all accounts in one place will help you to ensure that all the content is in line.


All this abstract talk about automation tools is worthless without a good example. GramDominator is one. It is an Instagram automation tool that packs all the features you might need to increase your traffic. GramDominator works as a separate program in Windows, bringing an unlimited number of accounts in one place.

The features list would be too long to describe entirely, but here are the main categories:

The automatic following allows you to follow users based on many different characteristics – content keywords and hashtags, who they are following, likes, comments, number of posts and many more. A strong follower base is a key indicator of your Instagram success.

Automatic posting covers everything to keep your audience engaged with your posts. You can schedule posts at the right time and for needed accounts. It also allows you to search for content to repost using keywords, photos and usernames.

Automatic commenting and liking functionality will allow you to engage with your followers and attract new ones effectively. You can target posts, photos or whole users. Chances are, they will return the favor.

The challenges of automation

Even with the best automation tool, you’ll have to be careful as it is against the rules of most platforms. Instagram, for example, is explicitly against bots and allows only up to five accounts per user. These accounts, by the way, cannot share and like one another.

Platforms enforce these rules by constantly monitoring how accounts behave. If they notice some bot-like activity, the profile can be flagged and eventually banned. You have to appear as an ordinary user as much as possible:

  • Provide complete and unique information in every account.
  • Let your account age a bit before using it.
  • Don’t post and be online too frequently.
  • Involve other activities besides posting – commenting, liking, following etc.


The challenges don’t end with the imitation of human activity because the thing that social platforms monitor the most is IP addresses. If they notice you using more accounts than allowed or if you make suspicious actions, the IP can be banned. Other profiles associated with that IP will be banned too.

For this reason, it is essential to use proxies with your automation tools. They help ensure privacy by changing your IP address and making your actions harder to trace. Residential proxies are best for social media automation.


So to answer our question – automation tools are definitely useful. The only exception is when you are not careful. But with some practice and a residential proxy, social media automation can be a breeze.

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