Charging method of super signature

If you are looking for the best way to charge for SuperSignature(超级签名), you have come to the right place. In this article, I will explain why we use different payment methods, how they work, and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

Open the SuperSignature to complete the payment by scanning the payment code

-Open the SuperSignature(超级签名服务) to complete the payment by scanning the payment code.

-After you open super signature, tap Payment and then tap Scan QR Code.

-Scan your QR code on the screen to transfer funds and complete transactions in seconds!

super signature helps you to send and receive payments from friends, family, and business partners. With SuperSignature, you can scan a QR code to make payments quickly and easily.

Select the payment amount, press the payment code

-Select the payment amount, press the payment code, enter the confirmation interface and complete the payment.

-Click on “Payment Code” to enter your signature transaction interface.

-After entering your signature transaction interface, please select a payment method and make an online bank transfer or pay directly by credit card. If you choose to pay by credit card, please provide accurate information such as credit card number, CVV code (security code), name on card, etc., so that we can process it in time! If you cannot find your signature transaction page using the Google Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge browser due to technical issues or other reasons, please try using another internet browser such as Firefox (https://www.mozilla) to ensure that our verification system can run normally!

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Open any wallet supporting Ethereum

Open any wallet supporting Ethereum, complete the transfer in the wallet, and then click on the transaction record to transfer.

You can use Mist, MyEtherWallet, or any other compatible wallets that support Ethereum.

After transferring ETH, you will see an open transaction record on your phone. Double-click it to check the details of this transaction and click “Open” if you want to participate in super signatures from now on!

Click on [User Center] to view personal information

Click on [User Center] to view personal information, and click on [My Signature] below to view my signature information.

Your signature is your identity and credibility as a user of the platform. As a super signature holder, you have the right to add or update your signatures at any time.

You can motivate yourself without being mean to yourself

If you’re the type of person who needs a bit of motivation but doesn’t have anyone else to give it to you, then this blog post is for you. If you tend to be more negative than positive in your self-talk, here are some tips on how to change that:

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Be your own best friend. Treat yourself as well as someone else would treat themself (even better). Make sure that whatever choices and actions you take towards reaching goals make sense from an objective viewpoint rather than just being something that sounds good in theory but isn’t worth pursuing due solely to its potential success rate (or lack thereof). Don’t forget about taking care not just physically but also emotionally too – after all, there’s nothing wrong with having fun now and again too!


We hope that you have a better understanding of how to charge super signature.

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