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Common Probation Violations And Their Consequences

Many people consider probation as a second life, and in some cases, it is. Probation saves you from jail and allows you to continue living in your house. However, probation can be a little complex. On the one hand, you are out of jail. But, on the other hand, you need to be careful at every step so that you do not violate the rules. 

When you hire a Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer for your criminal case, they will probably tell you that you need to steer clear of more crimes during your probation. However, there are other ways to violate your probation that you might not know about. Knowing what these are can help you avoid legal consequences. 

Common probation violations and their consequences

  • Associating with someone with a criminal record. 

When you are on probation, you should avoid meeting with people with a criminal record. This can include your parents, friends, siblings, girlfriend, etc. Even if their sentences are long over, the Judge won’t look favorably at someone who hangs out with known felons. Being associated with them can result in a setback, such as a fine or stricter punishment. 

  • Not working or attending school. 

If your probation has allowed you to do so, you must continue going to school/college and maintain full-time employment. Skipping classes or working without a valid reason can make you non-compliant. Your probation rules may also require you to gather documentation or proof of attending work or college. Therefore, make sure to double-check to avoid misunderstandings later. 

  • Missing an appointment with your probation officer. 

If the Judge has awarded you probation, you will likely have a probation officer supervising your conduct throughout the probation period. The probation officer will also set up and share a schedule with you of when to meet with them. These appointments or meetings are essential, and missing them is considered a probation violation. 

  • Crossing town, state, or federal lines.

Different Syracuse crimes have different terms of probation. Depending on the probation rules imposed in your case, you may not be allowed to cross your town, state, or federal lines. Many people know that they are not supposed to leave the country, but probations can be stricter. 

You might go on an innocent road trip with your friends across the state and end up facing harsher punishment. Therefore, it is important to regularly go through the probation rules to avoid engaging in activities that might harm you. 

Consequences of violation probation rules

Upon violating probation rules, you will be notified of a court hearing which you will have to attend. Depending on the severity of the breach, the Judge may impose the following punishments. 

  • Continue probation under the same terms.
  • Additional probation terms.
  • Extension of probation period.
  • Terminate the probation without further conditions.
  • Imprisonment of up to 30 days.
  • Revocation of probation and serving a jail sentence.

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