Consider The Following Aspects of Linehaul Before Getting Started

When you’re looking into choosing a linehaul company to help your business remain on the move, it’s not as simple as just choosing someone. You need to be informed about the process, costs and pitfalls, so read on to understand linehaul better. 

Linehaul Needs Careful Planning

Good linehaul providers are experts at understanding how to plan around shipping limitations, they know how to choose the best routes and can factor in terrain, traffic and distance to bring down driving time. This means that linehaul is a much more efficient manner of transportation. 

Consider The Costs

Linehaul transport is unique as it has direct costs such as fuel, vehicle maintenance and driver’s wages, and indirect costs such as administrative expenses and overheads for management. Then there are operational costs to cover delays, damages and route diversions. Be aware of these costs before you reach out to a transport company as the cost may be higher than you think. 

Transit Times & Reliability Matters

Accurate time predictions are now becoming more possible in the linehaul market due to the emerging tracking and GPS technology. Choose a company that invests in these tools to give you more accurate transit times and reliable service for improved customer satisfaction overall. 

Consider Cargo Safety & Integrity

If you want to prioritise safe handling of cargo and its integrity you will need to choose a company that comes with a safe handling guarantee, especially if your business deals with perishables, fragile items or temperature-controlled goods. 

Remember Regulations Exist

Linehaul transportation is not exempt from Australia’s strict environmental and legal regulations, so the companies must comply with fuel emissions guidelines, fuel efficiency standards and limitations put on weight, hazardous items and vehicle maintenance. Make sure to choose a company that knows these regulations.

Look For Great Customer Service

When you’re looking around for a linehaul company you need to choose someone who has experience with timely communication. This is what will influence accurate updates on shipments, estimated arrival times and delays that are vital for customer satisfaction. The more transparent they are the more reliable they will seem, so its important to look into this. When you find great communication, you will feel much more valued and in the loop.  

Integration is Possible with Other Services

When you need to, linehaul can be integrated with other logistics processes such as reverse logistics. This can help make things even more streamlined, and it’s important that you choose a trucking company that can integrate one process with another for the ultimate value for money. 

Ready To Get Started?

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