Financial Services activate: Review

Benefits of opening an online account include:

24/7 Account Access
Online Bill Payment Without Fees
increasingly more paperless statements

To make your card active (Requires Log-In)

1. You should go to to activate the card.

2. Log in right away to secure Serve.

3. Simply click the Login button after entering your Username and Password.

4. Enter your card’s number.

5. Type the card’s expiration date.

6. The Security Code/CVV on the back of the card must be entered.

7. To activate, click the button one last time.

8. At the appropriate time, this card is triggered.

What occurs if my card disappears or is stolen?

Call us right away at 1-888-260-432 if your credit card has been lost or stolen. In the event that your debit or credit card is stolen, lost, or used without your permission, you might not be liable for the transactions.

What places may I use the card? Mastercard of Destiny?

All merchants that display the Mastercard mark accept Your Destiny Mastercard for purchases and cash advances.

What kind of credit is offered?

Your credit limit less your outstanding balance and the amount you have available for use is your credit availability. Be aware that your credit limit may not show a transaction for at least 14 days to give us time to confirm the cash in your account.

What time will my account be credited for the online transaction?

5 p.m. Pacific Time is the deadline for making an online payment. Your money will be applied to your account on the day it is received if we receive it online before five o’clock Pacific Time. If we received your transaction after five o’clock Pacific Time, the credit will show up the next calendar day.

What prevented the shop from reducing my monthly minimum payment after I received a credit on my account?

The minimum monthly payment amount may not be reduced in some circumstances.

. For instance, if a purchase transaction only results in a partial credit to the amount, it does not lower the amount of your minimum monthly payment. The fixed monthly payment for the purchase amount is the cause. Until the remaining sum on your purchase transaction is zero, it will be factored into the calculation of your monthly minimum payment. Check out Your Account Agreement for more information on how your minimum monthly payment is decided.


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