Do You Need a Teaching Degree to Become a Teacher?

If teaching is your passion, you don’t actually need a credential to make a difference in someone’s life.

Post-college grads who are planning to teach in public schools are required to obtain teaching credentials to teach in their state. You can also obtain an out-of-state credential and still teach in certain states without extra requirements.

Private schools are a different story. Depending on the school, some institutions may require only a teaching degree from an accredited college without an additional state teaching credential. Some private academies require a BA degree to start teaching; in this case, you would want a degree in liberal arts that covers several subjects.

There are even more teaching opportunities outside of public and private school settings.

Learn more about these opportunities here.

Become a Camp Counselor

There are plenty of ways to add teaching experience to your resume without a credential.

First, start with a classic summer job, the summer camp counselor.

Working as a camp counselor provides experience in the following areas:

  • First aid
  • Art activities
  • Responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Nature walks
  • Sports and recreation
  • Social Skills

This job makes a fantastic prerequisite for aspiring kindergarten and preschool teachers. You’re also required to get certified in CPR and first aid.

Become a Technical Instructor

Are you skilled at a particular work trade like computers, building, HVAC installation, or another important skill?

You could work as a trades instructor at a multitude of places.

For example, you could apply to become a general computer instructor at a library or skills center. You would be teaching people of all ages basic computer skills to help them land jobs.

If you have past experience in home services, for example, you could become a trainer who teaches aspiring technicians how to install an air conditioner, wire a house, or update plumbing.

You can start by looking for instructor opportunities at your local library, employment center, or other recreational buildings.

From Self-Taught to Teaching

It’s easier than ever to teach yourself new skills.

Think about the first step you make when you want to learn a new skill. You likely go online for resources. This may even include free online courses on YouTube.

It helps to have someone show you how something works. It’s even better when this instruction is divided into parts or chapters.

Once you learn these skills, you can impart your knowledge to people looking to build software from scratch, start a business, make candles, and more.

Sell Courses Online to Supplement Your Teaching Degree

Another option is to create packaged courses and sell them on learning sites. This method helps generate income as you expand your resume. You could even turn it into a full-time career if you’re especially skilled in an area.

This route works well for people with extensive technical experience in programming, website development, and app design.

Don’t forget that you can still develop your own teaching skills in the meantime with professional development courses for teachers.

Start Inspiring Students

You were a student once. Become that special teacher in someone’s life as you earn your teaching degree. Remember, you don’t even need a credential to sell online courses, teach at your local library, or become a YouTube instructor.

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