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Everything that you need to know about underpinning a house

What is underpinning a house?

The process or technique that is used to rectify a house after suffering from subsidence. In this process, the soil that is moving away from the structure under the property is excavated. The moving soil also removes the support from the structure that weakens the existing foundations, and hence the property gets displaced. That’s why underpinning is important for building, but the cost of underpinning a house can vary depending on multiple factors that we will discuss later in the article.

What are the signs of a house needing underpinning?

There are some signs that will warn you to have underpinning. You must be aware of the signals so that you can stop the damage before it spreads.

There can be many reasons for cracks in the walls of underpinning a house, but when you see cracks, you must get it checked because one reason could be underpinning. Not all the cracks come from subsidence, but the bigger ones are primarily due to subsidence. Note that if you see small cracks in the newly plastered wall, these are not because of subsidence.

If you happen to see more significant dangerous cracks near the frames of doors and windows, know that these cracks are signaling towards subsidence, and you have to take immediate action. If you delay any further, your house foundations and structure will be ruined in a bit of time.

What is the cost of underpinning a house?

The cost of underpinning a house varies depending on the area that needs to be underpinned. Mostly, a corner underpinning can cost you around $3,500-$5,000 and more. On the flip card, if you want complete foundation repair for a moderate foundation can cost $8,000-$12,000, but it can increase according to the area and foundation.

Furthermore, underpinning a single crack by filling it with concrete in a concrete foundation can cost up to $400-$800, but this too depends on the extent of the damage caused.

If you want to replace the entire basement floor, you will have to invest $200-$400 more. But if you live in an earthquake-prone area, the repair cost can be as high as $1,500-$3,500 because anchor bolts are used in such areas to keep the foundation firm.

What should be included in your underpinning project?

A good repairing project includes the removal of the landscape around your house. It is done by using heavy machinery or digging a tunnel under your house. This process can be done in different time durations ranging from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the area of work and the extent of the damage. But you will need a building permit to get this procedure done on your house, for which you will have to contact your local planning department.

Is underpinning a permanent solution?

Most people are concerned about this subject, whether it is even a permanent solution for subsidence or not. Well, nothing is absolutely permanent, but underpinning is a process that lasts longer than other foundation repair techniques. This process can also help in settlement of the foundation.

How long does underpinning last?

Underpinning is a durable procedure. If no new issues are observed, the underpinning can last as long as the building’s natural life. So, if you are thinking of getting underpinning for your foundation repair, we recommend it because it will help you solve most of the foundation issues.

So, if you are extending your building or have poor soil quality in your area, underpinning can save you from expected damage. Get it done now before it’s too late. But before you hire someone for underpinning, make sure that they are professional because poor installation can frustrate you to the core!

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