Everything you need to know about Erin Darke

You must have heard about Erin Darke, who is a famous American Actress. She was raised to great fame from her role as Cindy in the TV series called “Good girls revolt”. Today, we’ll be specifically discussing Darke in thorough detail.

We’ll try to open up her personal life along with her net worth count. So you can become more acquainted with this shining actress. Try to stick to the article until the last to discover more exciting details about this celebrity.

So let’s get started with the details below,


It’s not very complicating as we swing back to her early starting days in the industry. She did start her career in theatre as it was accessible at her time or pursuance. In addition, she made her acting debut in the TV series “Mercy”.

That was the time when her period of achieving greater fame started. Darke did a lot of films and made her way into the list of reputed top 10 actresses in the entertainment industry.

  • Darke played a very famous character in “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel” that took her to the great height of fame
  • People really admired her acting performance in the series called “Dietland.”

According to some resources, her theatric time was when she evolved as a versatile actress, which is why she found that famous status when it comes to acting.

Current relationship status:

Now let’s get a glimpse of Darke’s personal life. She is not married but currently in a relationship with the renowned actor “Daniel Redcliff” since 2012.  It will be safe to say that the relationship has been constant and has been in the media’s eyes.

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They worked together on a project long ago and started liking each other. Now let’s see if they get to marry eventually or not.

Net worth:

Darke does have substantial assets in terms of financial stability and possessions at the same time. We looked around the internet and found that she does acquire a lot of money through those long-acting years.

  • Darke has almost $4.5 million net worth, according to some resources
  • She acquires a significant portion of her net worth through acting
  • Resources ascertain her high-class living standards

So that is just a single figure beside her costly possessions, including transport and residence. She is also living a very affluent lifestyle if we look through the media canvas. In addition, she has everything that a person can expect to buy.


She tends to stay private, as we could find her active Instagram profile. Almost every celebrity has some sort of active social media profile where they post stories and different activities. But she has a concealed nature and doesn’t go after followers and all.


So that was our discussion regarding Darke in thorough detail. She has been performing in movies and series for a long time now, and her net worth and lifestyle just explains her career success and versatility at the same time.

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