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Don’t you want to invest in an EHR solution that allows you to practice the way you want? Have you ever thought of implementing an EHR system that enables you to practice medicine rather than frying your mind with baseless administrative activities? If yes, then you are at the right place. Today, this post will highlight the prime features of DrChrono EHR. The purpose of presenting DRChrono here is to show you how scalable and effective this solution is. It is a feature-rich solution known for its client-centered and patient-oriented approach.

DrChrono is not a new name; it is instead an experienced software that has mastered the art of attracting potential clients by giving them what they desire. It understands and translates the needs of medical practices like no other vendor can ever can. And evidence of this fact is that DrChrono was the very first EMR solution to come up with mobile applications.

This mobile-first solution made clinical procedures a whole lot simpler for medical professionals as it believes in a simplistic approach.

The way DrChrono EHR bundles the basic EHR features with modern AI technology helps practices scale. Assisting the medical professionals grow is all this vendor strives for. Being an intuitive web-based electronic health records solution, this clinical software enables providers to get the best out of all emerging clinical opportunities. Let’s move to the fundamental part of this content-rich article, the features of DrChrono.

Prime Features of DrChrono EHR:

DrChrono offers a plethora of functionalities and capabilities to assist over 30 medical specialties. It’s not possible to touch all its features in detail, so we decided to cover the four basic categories in which all its services fall. There’s EMR, revenue cycle, medical billing software, and a practice management module. We’ve discussed all these in fine detail right below. So, keep reading to learn what this software has in store for you, and you might consider investing in this precious software right away.

Customizable EMR:

Enjoy experiencing a customizable workflow with the endlessly customizable EMR solution of DrChrono. Of all the features of DrChrono, this is the most appreciated one for the way it lets providers deal with clinical intricacies. As DrChrono believes in the ease of care provided, it offers an unrivaled EHR service whose mobility is matchless. It helps physicians go down the road of treating their patients professionally with reduced screen time.

It comes with state-of-the-art clinical tools such as e-prescription, voice recognition, labs integration, and more to handle all time-consuming tasks within minutes. Then, this integrated platform comes with customizable charts that are ready to use within seconds. An astonishing fact is that this mobile-first EHR solution has earned a top rank in Black Book rankings for the last 8 years. Also, it comes with smart shortcuts to simplify data entry tasks.

Administers Practice Management:

DrChrono features an outstanding practice management module so you can get rid of redundant tasks. Like the EMR module, this too is fully customizable so that it can meet the needs of various medical practitioners. It helps improve clinical workflow by enhancing patient engagement. It helps engage patients as doctors get more time to focus on their patients as DrChrono handles all the operational tasks. It helps make patient encounters more effective.

It comes with automation tools and saves staff the headache of sending alerts to patients and keeping tabs on all clinical activities. With its cutting-edge technology, the software takes an edge over competitors because it allows clinical staff to use pre-built patient profiles to undergo crucial tasks. In addition, it offers a patient kiosk mode so patients can fill in consent forms easily, and the information automatically integrates with their profiles.

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Handles The Revenue Cycle:

There’s no need to get tangled up in cumbersome revenue cycle processes when you have DrChrono at your disposal. Reviews show this clinical software offers a comprehensive RCM solution for enhancing the financial health status of practices. There’s no denying that this impressive solution improves clinical cash flow by 96%. In addition, it smoothly handles all the claims by continuous monitoring and enabling professionals to focus solely on their patients.

There’s a tool for performing rejection analysis, and expert billing professionals are hired to manage this process. Then there’s an RCM task manager so you can see which tasks have been looked after and which are still unprocessed. Other than this, all medical practices get a dedicated account manager to support the financial decisions made. And he also guides through financial reports. Lastly, there are business intelligence tools for optimizing the revenue cycle.

Simplifies The Medical Billing:

We are not saying this based on baseless rumors about  DrChrono EHR. If you ever get the chance to read the reviews of DrChrono, you will be amazed to learn how clients admire its medical billing software. The software comes with impressive tools for setting up billing profiles, improving coding accuracy, running real-time insurance eligibility checks, automating claims submission, creating denial reports, and conducting patient statements analysis.

All these services work together to ensure payment collections are processed timely. Also, these services are developed using a strategic approach by highly skilled personnel. And thus, it boosts the profit collection of medical practices and improves financial stability. Besides another point to mention here is that you can see where you stand for the vendor’s belief in transparency. It’s easy to keep tabs on your billing procedures all from a centralized platform.

Go For DrChrono EHR Reviews:

Even though we have explained all the modules of DrChrono loud and clear, you should still evaluate the reviews yourself. Evaluating the reviews, you might come across newer facts and the hidden capabilities of DrChrono. The most highlighted aspect of DrChrono in the feedback section is its pricing structure. DrChrono offers four different price packages considering the broad customer base it caters to. The vendor has a soft spot for small practices and assists them at every point to help them grow their business.

Set up a demo with DrChrono to gain a practical outlook of this vendor before making a final decision.

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