Fastest Solution on How To Recover Files After Hard Drive Reset

The performance of any system will weaken over time due to data accumulation, outdated drivers, hardware failure, etc. One option is to perform a hard reset to get your system back to its previous working condition. But then hard reset iTop Data Recoveryves all data, apps and settings added by the user. Therefore, you need to backup your data before opting for a hard reset.


If you have ended up resetting unintentionally, or knowingly and then regret it or want to have them, you should know that there is a solution. You can find a data recovery software that allow you to do it. Of course, the sooner you make the decision and act, the more likely it is that they will work, since if you do it a long time later, that space may have been rewritten and they will not be recovered. It is also important that you choose the best program for it.


What Happens if a Backup has Not been Made? Files are Lost Forever?

No, I don’t think the data is lost forever. Although hard reset erases all system files and returns it to its original settings, it does not mean that data is permanently lost. The files still reside on the drive. With the help of recovery software, the files can be restored. iTop Data Recovery Software has come up with hard drive recovery software that how to recover files after hard reset.


The software recovers all system files after a hard reset. Files like documents, movie files, photos, presentation files, spreadsheets, Photoshop documents and all others will be recovered in no time. Recovers files from Windows systems after hard reset. The utility can also be used to recover photos after a reset of various devices like iPods, laptops, phones, cameras, etc.


In addition, iTop Data Recovery hard drive recovery restores data from formatted / reformatted partition, deleted or lost partition, crashed, inaccessible or damaged hard drive, and missing volume. Files deleted or missing from various storage devices like pen drives, hard drives, flash memory cards, iPods, etc. You can easily get data recovery service with iTop.


Some reasons why Hard Reset is done

If your desktop/laptop is running slow due to unwanted applications, then a factory reset is done

To iTop Data Recovery system settings and configurations and bring it back to default settings, hard reset is performed. If there is any serious glitch on iPod that is not resolved even after resetting it, then a hard reset becomes necessary. To iTop Data Recovery personal data from the unit before delivery, a factory reset is performed.

Under all these instances, as a Top Data Protector, iTop Data Recovery software is very useful for how to recover files after hard reset. Moreover, it even helps you in recovering files after hard reset from faulty or unbootable drives. You can view the recovered data using File Type view option or Data View option accordingly and also compress it into a ZIP file to save disk space.

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