Find out where your kids are by location tracker in iPhone13

Famisafe is the most reliable site for getting a brilliant location tracker application, you will get news every day about cyberbullying and fraudulent online activities here. There is a growing risk of cyberbullying and fraud. Protecting children from such threats is of primary importance to parents. Numerous mobile applications have been developed to help parents track their children’s activities. We will discuss the top iphone13 tracker apps in this article.

How do the iphone13 tracker apps help us?

The child mobile location tracker makes it easy to track your child’s location at any time. You can track your kid’s location using kid tracker apps if they do not tell you about their activities and whereabouts. Locating the best location tracking app is not easy because there are countless options available online. We have compiled top apps that you can use to track your child.

Nowadays, kids are not comfortable sharing things such as location, messages, social media activity, and much more with their parents. You should start surveillance with a child iphone13 tracker if you find that your kids are hiding something from you.

Norton Family provides a parental control

They are one of the top companies that provide security services. Parents can protect their children with the Norton Family Parental Control mobile application. You can locate your child’s location with this app without them knowing.

 Pros of Norton Family Premier:

  • You can track your child’s device without knowing their location using Norton Family Parental Control.
  • The program also allows you to block websites.
  • In addition to tracking web browsing history including YouTube history, the program also allows you to view web browser history.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Some popular Cons of Norton Family Premier:

  • Free version for Norton family premier not available here
  • Anyone can easily disable the web extension option in Norton
  • Most of the features of this app are depended on the platform
  • It will be challenging to block HTTP websites just because of the no-compatible web browsing devices.

Parental control app for Android

Among the top network security firms is ESET. It offers Android parental control specifically designed for Android devices. You can use this app to find out where your child is located remotely. 

Pros of Parental control app for Android:

  • Monitor web activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • ESET also lets parents block certain applications.
  • The ESET web-based phone locator offers location information.

The ESET web-based phone locator only supports Android.

Cons of Parental control app for Android:

  • It will harm parent-child relationships. Your kid may feel betrayed, thanks to your lack of trust in them. That will also cause your child to develop rebellious behavior.
  • They’ll realize ways in which to beat the system. Most of the kids are too good, and that they might find the simplest way to urge around the parental management app you’re using.
  • Parental control apps and packages that have advanced options are expensive


A top-ranked phone location tracker application on the Google Play Store is Glympse. Sharing the live location through this application is easy. As a background app, Glympse locates the device silently and redirects it to the Glympse server using GPS, GPRS, or Wi-Fi network.

Pros of Glympse location tracking:

  This service does not require registration.

  • Glympse shows the actual location of the target in real-time.

Android and iOS versions of the apps, both are available.

Cons of Glympse location tracking:

  • Most security experts agree that it is almost impossible to stop location tracking on your smartphone or through its apps. This app never allows their tacker to share their location with their fellows. It will inadvertently share its stalkers.
  • It can leak the data of its trackers as well as its users. 
  • Most of the data brokers sell the information of their customers to others.
  • Security experts agree that it is impossible to stop the sharing location of its app on your phone.

Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Android and iOS users can track their loved ones with Family Locator – a GPS iphone13 tracker from Life360. It is possible to keep in touch with family and friends at all times with the help of the Family Locator – GPS cell phone tracker. Child phone trackers come with many advantages. For example, they can be tracked if they are lost or stolen.

Pros of Family Locator – GPS Tracker:

  • Include the ability to create a community within the app.
  • Display the target’s location in real-time
  • This app offers many other functions as well.

Compatible with(iPhone13) iOS and Android devices.

Cons of Family Locator – GPS Tracker:

  • Inaccuracy will be in it by using it normally
  • It will cause of Lack to Local Knowledge
  • That may be Driving Distraction
  • the most common issue can be Signal or Battery Failure
  • The biggest cause of Reliance on the US Department of Defense
  • Mainly it produces the Privacy Issues and Crime
  • That app will also create the issue of Commercial Exploitation.

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