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Google Docs: Why Do People Use This Online Word Processor?

In this digitalized modern world, the need for online applications and processors are increasing day by day. You might have heard about using Google docs as a free online processor to make various kinds of slides, sheets, forms, or drawings. There are a large number of online Google products, and it is one of them.

It should be noted that this doc by Google is a web application that you can use with an Internet browser. Unlike some other word processors, you can also operate it on your mobile phones from Android as well as iOS with the desktop application. People use these web-based docs to create documents, and it provides editing options as well.

Let’s explore more about this Google application and its usage in this article. Read it thoroughly to know how to sign in for it, and why people are transferring to this word processing platform.

What is the Google docs application and how to use it?

We can call it a web-based word processing platform or application that the users use for various purposes. Some common purposes of using these web-based docs are creating documents, files, and spreadsheets. Let’s discuss how to use these online docs by various steps in the following:

  • Firstly you need a Google account for Google docs login
  • Open your Google drive
  • Select the Google docs\ option and open it
  • Or you can open it by searching docs.google.com
  • From the file option, select NEW and start creating a new document
  • After making your document or spreadsheet, you can save it
  • Also, you can make further edits or changings to this document
  • This word processor provides you with various features of editing text, adding bullets, and everything you need
  • Make as many edits or do formatting as you want by using the options on the home page
  • In addition, you can also create a table of content for your spreadsheet
  • In the end, save the final version of the document
  • Then you can share the document with anyone you want by allowing view or edit option as well
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Pros of Google docs sign in:

There are various benefits of using Google docs sign in due to which people use them. Let’s discuss some of the main features as well as advantages of using these web-based docs in the following:

1) Collaborative editing features:

One of the most interesting features of these web documents is collaborative editing by various users at the same time. It should be noted that you can share this Google document with other people while you’re on it.

And multiple users can make formatting, do edits, or make any kind of changes while you are creating it. In addition, the Google servers automatically save these updates and edited documents as the users make these changes.

Moreover, the edited part appears to be highlighted or coloured when one of the users is making some edits. There’s also a sidebar chat option where the users can discuss these edits and formatting.

2) Easily accessible:

The users can easily access these online documents by Google and can use them anytime when they want. All you need is a Google docs sign-in feature to start using this application for various purposes.

Moreover, you can access these documents database anytime even on having an internet issue. It should be noted that people prefer using these docs because of this feature.

You can use this application anywhere while travelling from your mobile phone. The easy accessibility allows the users to work more functionally and productively.

3) Easy usage:

Another main point about using these docs is that they are easy to use. There are no head and fast rules which you’ve to follow while using them.

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Moreover, if you have worked previously on MS Word, then it is easier for you to work on this web-based application by Google.

4) Free of cost:

Another main reason why people prefer to use this word processing platform is that you don’t have to pay any fee or charges. Unlike some other web-based applications, you can sign in to these docs just by the google docs login feature.

And after signing in, you can enjoy all the features of this application.

Cons of using Google docs:

  • The presentation can be better
  • It can include more variety of themes, templates and transitions
  • Must have internet access to create and share it with others
  • Less functional interface as compared to MS word

Everything you need to know about Google docs login:

  • You can use this application free of any subscription fee
  • A person can collaborate with multiple users at the same time
  • Moreover, you can edit history tracking and revert it to the original document after editing
  • It automatically keeps updating and saving the changes you make
  • Moreover, it works with having the access to internet
  • But the users can also use its offline work mode due to internet problems
  • Also, this application provides interesting options for creating and editing a document
  • It also provides the option of voice writing instead of typing the whole text
  • In comparison with MS word it has more font styles
  • You can chat with the users in a chatbox, and ask them to make any changes
  • In addition, it provides complete safety and security features for its users
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Ending note:

It should be noted that Microsoft has remained one of the most popular word processing applications before Google docs. But after these web-based documents by Google, people switched to using them because of the greater functionality and collaborative features.

The collaboration with multiple users simultaneously allows a person to create more productive documents and spreadsheets. So, we can say that it’s a powerful application that the users can use without any subscription fee or cost.

We have provided all the steps of using Google docs sign-in features as well as their pros and cons in this article.

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