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Google Maps: Why Do People Use Google Maps Directions?

You might have heard about losing the ways and path directions while travelling before the invention of Google maps for people. It’s an application by Google as a mapping platform that users can use for finding a specific route. Using satellite aerial imagery, this mapping application provides a panoramic view of routes to people.

You can view the routes and directions of streets, towns, and air (in beta) from maps by Google which can ease a person’s life. Another main thing is that around 1 billion people use this application in a month globally. So, we can say that this application has provided ease and benefits to millions and billions of people.

Let’s discuss some of the main benefits as well as the invention of maps and their usage in this article.

How did Google maps come into being?

People remain curious about the inventions of various applications and websites. So, let’s discuss how maps Google came into being in the first place in the following:

  • Two brothers Lars and Jens developed Google maps directions as a C++ program for desktop
  • It should be noted that they have used Where 2 technology for the application development
  • The official release date of Google maps is the year 2005
  • The application uses geospatial data in its development as well as a traffic analyzer
  • Other main software in its development include JavaScript, Ajax, and XML
  • Also, it allows third-party websites to use these maps by API software technique
  • The maps provide a locator to direct the routes for people all over the world
  • We can say that this application works as a bird’s eye view locator for users
  • Moreover, it provides high-resolution imagery of different streets as well as cities
  • The Google owner has also updated these maps as a 3D globe
  • You can change them to a 2D globe overview from the settings
  • In addition, the Android, as well as iOS users, got a chance to use these maps in 2008
  • And by 2013, the sources declared it as one of the world’s most liked applications by people
  • More than 50% of smartphone users use Google maps directions to find routes and create ease in life
  • In today’s digital era, billions of people around the world rely on maps by Google for various purposes
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Why do people use Google maps directions?

It’s an online era, and now people rely on websites as well as various applications to create ease in their life. Talking about Google my maps, a person uses maps for various purposes which we’ve discussed below:

1) Finding directions and routes:

One of the main reasons for using maps in Google is to find the right directions and routes to various places. Also, it acts as a route planner by which you can find directions to any available route. Various drivers also use these maps while public transportation or riding various vehicles. Billions of people use this application worldwide for various purposes.

Moreover, Google has made a partnership with hundreds of transportation services for better features and qualities. This application has made various updates and navigation features regarding the application.

2) Determining the traffic situations:

One of the most attractive things about Google maps street view is its updated coloured overlay. You can feel surprised to know that a person can now look at the top of roads and streets in their coloured overlay by the application of maps. Also, you can search for the speed of various kinds of vehicles on a busy road on a sunny day.

In addition, live traffic maps use the global positioning system location of a person to provide an accurate result. You can look for almost the exact location and speed of a vehicle using Google maps.

3) Panoramic view of various places:

You can look for the panoramic view of various streets and towns using these maps by Google which can create ease in your life. It released this feature of Google maps street view in 2007 which people liked a lot. After this update, this feature went viral globally and millions of people used it in a few hours.

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Moreover, this feature also hit the privacy concerns of some people because of the panoramic view of any location. You can get panoramic photographs and imagery of any street or town using this application.

4) Look for the aerial imagery:

One of the major updates of this application is introducing the angle aerial to its users in December 2009. This application consists of a 45-degree imagery of aerial angle by which a person can look at a bird’s eye view of streets and towns.

The owners of this application first launched this update and made it work in San Jose and San Diego.

It should be noted that maps Google API introduced this application and all the updates. The owners make the experiments and various feature updates in the labs. Later in 2010, this application introduced its aerial imagery features in some other countries as well.

5) Navigate yourself anywhere:

You can navigate yourself anywhere anytime using maps Google. It should be noted that these mapping platforms allows a person to find the location of anyone anywhere such as shopping malls, educational institutions, airports, or public spaces.

Moreover, you can also find the location underground by its featured options.

The mapping platform has made a lot of progress and has introduced a large number of features to its users. So, a person can easily navigate him/herself anywhere, and millions of users use this application.

Ending note:

Google maps have introduced this mapping platform feature in 2007 to create ease for the users. You can use these maps for various purposes in this online and digitalized era. Firstly, Google launched maps for desktop program systems. But then it expanded its reach to Android as well as iOS users.

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In this article, we have talked about the idea of Google maps street view, and their functionality in our daily life.

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