How an Attorney Can Help with a Presumptive Condition Claim

One of the ultimate forms of service that someone can provide for their own country is to serve in the military. While there are clear risks that come with being active in the military, such as the risk of being involved in combat, there are also health risks as well. Many of these health risks can continue for years after someone leaves active duty. If it is presumed that a health risk was developed while on active duty, someone could qualify for support from the VA. There is much that someone should know about presumptive conditions and health risks if they believe they have become will due to something they encountered while in service.

What is a Presumptive Condition

In general, a presumptive condition is one that is presumed to have been the direct result of being enlisted in the military. Over the past decades, there have been a variety of situations when someone has been exposed to toxic elements, radiation, and other hazards that can cause long-term health challenges. If this is the case for someone, they could qualify for support from the VA to help cover medical bills and other costs of living.

Types of Conditions Covered for Support

As it can be difficult for the military to know all the risks that their active members are facing when on duty, the risks and health challenges covered can be broad and they tend to be based on what hazards you were around. Some types of health challenges that could be covered as a presumptive health challenge include various forms of cancer, infertility, miscarriages, and even neurobehavioral effects.

How an Attorney Can Help

If you are experiencing a health challenge that you believe was the direct result of being an active member of the military, it is always a good idea to contact an attorney for support when filing a claim. There are a lot of complexities that come with filing a claim for a presumptive condition. This can include having evidence that supports the claim. As there is always a risk that a claim can be denied by the VA, having an attorney by your side will help.

An attorney will offer various services that could include an initial consultation. This part of the process will include a full review of your situation, including your medical bills and past service records. Based on this, they can offer guidance on how to best move forward with a claim.

If you decide to move forward, your attorney will be able to help with all steps in the process. This will include gathering all necessary information and submitting the formal claim with the VA. More than likely, there will be additional questions that will need to be answered and your attorney can help with that step in the process as well. If your claim is denied, they can also provide any support you need during the appeals process.

Ultimately, if you do suffer from a serious illness as a result of your active service, it is important that you receive the support that you deserve. An attorney can offer a variety of services that will help ensure you do receive fair support and compensation from the VA. The Dolman Law Group, for example, continues to offer this top legal support for active service members, veterans, and their families, who also could have been affected and may qualify for support.

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