How to Choose and Use a Car Shipping Cost Calculator

Have you decided to ship your car to a new location? Perhaps you’re moving to a new state, which is in itself a stressful process, so you need help. You can get some help on how to do it right on this page.

Or, perhaps you’ve bought a car and you want it transported to your state. Maybe you’ve even sold your current one and you need it shipped to the buyer. Whatever the case, the point is that the vehicle has to be moved, and you don’t want to drive it.

Not wanting to drive it is completely normal. Instead of having to plan a road trip, think about the rest stops, the gas, the food and everything else, you can simply relax and have the car moved without you participating in the driving process. Shipping is easier, more convenient and much safer.

It is no wonder, therefore, that you’ve decided to use this option. The only thing, though, is this. You don’t really know how much all of this costs, and you’ve heard that there are calculation tools you can use for the purposes of finding out.

Read about some of the benefits of shipping instead of driving:

So, you’ve heard that there are calculation tools. Now you want to learn not only how to use those, but also how to choose the right one. That’s what we’ll talk about below, starting with the process of choosing.

How to Choose a Car Shipping Cost Calculator

You’d think that all the calculators are the same. But, that certainly isn’t the case. Some are much more accurate than others, meaning they give you more precise estimates. If you’re not sure how to make the choice, reading on will help you.

  • Find Various Ones Online

Begin the process by finding various different calculation tools online. There will be plenty of those. And, it is your task to make a list of potential calculators. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be readier to research them in more details and thus figure out which one could be best for your needs.

  • Research the Providers

When you begin doing the research, you will need to focus on the providers first. A great car delivery cost estimator is the one provided by reputable and trusted companies. So, don’t rush into trusting these tools if you’re not sure you can trust the companies that have created them.

  • Reliability Is a Must

Reliability is, naturally, a must. You want to get accurate and precise results. You want to be sure that you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay for the service.

So as to check the reliability of the tool, you’ll need to check the reliability of the providers. Do so through reviews. Read at least a few of those and figure out what the previous clients are saying about the companies you’re considering, as well as about their cost calculation tools.

  • Check the Info Requested

One more thing. Check the information that’s requested by the cost estimators. The overall price will depend not only on the shipping distance, so if a tool requires that piece of info alone, it is not a very reliable one. You want the tool to require more precise info about the vehicle, and you also need to keep in mind that the costs will depend on the trailer type as well (learn more about at least one trailer type).

How to Use it Right

When you’ve taken the time to explore different tools, you’ll be ready to use one of those. You’ll have chosen the one you think is the best. And, you’ll want to get your estimate as soon as possible, so as to find out if you’re ready to use the service.

  • Input the Pickup and Delivery Locations

Naturally, the shipping distance matters, as mentioned above. Your task is to input the pickup location, as well as the delivery location. The calculator will then calculate the distance, which will help it provide you with a more precise estimate of the price.

  • Add Vehicle Details

Next, you’ll need to add vehicle details to the tool. As I’ve explained, those also impact the prices of the actual car shipping, a process the benefits of which are even further explained at The make, the model, the year… Those are the details that will help the tool give you a precise estimate.

  • Remember to Change the Dates a Few Times

The shipping dates also have a significant impact on the prices. This is why changing them a few times while using the calculator is a good idea. Why? Let me make that clear.

When you change the dates, you’ll get estimates for different ones. Thus, you’ll get to determine when the shipping will be most cost-effective. If you can, you should choose the date based on the info provided by the calculators.

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