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How to Establish a Startup on the Web: A Guide

Whether you’re an early investor in a startup, or you’re running one yourself, you’ll be interested in getting it seen and engaged with online. That means establishing a presence on the internet, through a website that draws in traffic and converts a high percentage of those visitors into customers. In this short guide, we’ll take a look at the methods by which you can make your website more visible to web users, ensuring that you’re not lurking in the darkness, with few clicks and fewer sales generated through your website.


There’s a very simple rule that you should bear in mind when you set up a new website, and that’s that it should include a high number of keywords that are relevant to your brand. Why is this? Well, because keywords are perhaps the most important feature by which Google decides to show your website to web users. If web users are typing in keywords relevant to your startup, you want them to find you. So your website will need to contain those same keywords, giving Google a clue as to why you’re relevant to certain users.


Another way in which Google assesses your suitability for showing to web users is examining who links to your website – and who your website links to. It’s easy to see why: if your website is unlinked to any other, it’s difficult to trust. The more links you have to your website, the more reputable and trustworthy Google’s going to see your website as. But setting up these links is difficult, given that you’d need to reach out to different websites to discuss link sharing. Happily, experienced SEO firms offer link building packages that’ll do this task for you, helping you seem more trustworthy in Google’s all-seeing eyes.

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Website Optimization

Your website doesn’t just need some links and some keywords to make Google see you as worthy of presenting to web users. It also needs to be designed well, with an underlying code that helps Google explore the main features and pages of your website. Now, it’s unlikely that a startup leader or investor has the specific technical expertise to optimize a website. So you might have to find a web designer or developer to take a look at it for you – either as a consultant, a freelancer, or as a temporary, fixed-term employee.

Extra Presence

There are dozens of other ways to have your website eyeballed by more people online. You might look to publish thought leadership pieces in relevant newspapers and online magazines in order to show off the thinking behind your startup. Or you could invest heavily in social media marketing, building a following on Instagram that links through to your website. Keep thinking of marketing and exposure techniques as you grow your team and your company – because these will always deliver more traffic and customers to your home on the world wide web.

Establishing yourself on the internet means conforming to Google’s expectations and optimizing your marketing, as this short guide outlines.

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