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How to get instagram views?

Do you want to boost your instagram reach? Are you wondering how to increase the views on instagram? It’s pretty easy to get highest reach on instagram if you know some of the basic tips. A little detailed information about the site will help you know how you can have high views. Sometime instagram glitch and your view rate might fall but don’t worry!

In this post you will find that how famous celebrities get views and increase their instagram reach.  The instagram now use the algorithm to sort users feed that’s why the reach drop down. But in your case you can still boost and in fact get views by using the instagram story viewer.

But if you wanted to make it original and without any help of app or site then must follow the ways mentioned below. Once you have the grip on the ways to download then everything get easier for you. So let’s start to learn what are those ways.

Correct posting time

It is important that you know which time you will post and get most views. Sometimes the view falls down because you are posting on the time when your audience isn’t active. You must know the viewer activity time and their active time. if you post your content at the time when your most of the audience is active then automatically you have high number of views  and like as well.  that is the main factor posting time.

Add more videos to content

It is been observed that those who are more engaged with video posting they will tend to have more views. Try to post more content in the form of videos. They videos are the only way on instagram that will enhance the view rate. If you want to have more engagement from your audience then content should be in unique form. The studied and users activity will help you know how much you have the feed time of others instagram.

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Engage with audience

The more you are active on instagram the more followers are active. Instagram community is just like give and take rule. If you show your initiative toward followers then your followers also get engage towards your audience. You can engage with them by involving them Q&A session. You can ask simple question and interesting facts from the audience. It is noticed that the comment section isn’t have more replies but the contest or Q&A section have more views and updates.

Go live on instagram

If you go live on instagram then more people get notified of live and join the live. It is the effective approach to get followers and more followers have more views on your feed. So, try to get live more often if you tend to increase your view rate. The good thing is that the live followers are the original followers who love to join your live.


This article explains that how you have increase your views on instagram by just following the basic ways. So, just grab your notes and write down essential points if you want to have high reach and views on instagram

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