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How to Live in New York Without Being Noticed

Living in New York is a tempting dream to millions of people. Over 8 million people already live that dream. They call the five boroughs of New York City home.

There are quite a few advantages to living in the Big Apple if you decide to move there, but if you really want to blend in, then you need to know how to live in New York without being noticed.

Why Living in New York Is Like Nowhere Else


There’s a reason the United Nations is located here. It’s possibly because New York is the cultural capital of the entire world. Consider these benefits:

  • The entrepreneurial and networking opportunities are in abundance.
  • Competition is high. You’ll have to get good quickly if you want to make it here, but once you do, you’ll have it made.
  • New York is the biggest safe city in the world. It’s easy to stick to places with crowds because there’s so many.
  • The city has over 80 museums, including one of the five largest, the MET.
  • Diversity is off the charts, so you can be whoever you want and be accepted.

Living in New York Like a Local

So, how do you take advantage of these advantages like a local? Moving there isn’t enough. You need to blend in to be accepted as someone who belongs and not a tourist. Do the following:

  1. Get Used to Sticker Shock: Generally speaking, the cost of everything here is 30 percent higher than the rest of the country.
  2. Fold Your Pizza Down the Middle: Eat the crust last, and never use silverware.
  3. Bundle Up Big: When a polar vortex hits, everyone is dressed up like a bear.
  4. Don’t Wait for Crosswalk Signs: Locals are always rushing. Go with the crowd, and just cross when you can.
  5. Walk Fast: Keep your head down while you do it.
  6. Look for Love and Friendship: Every conceivable culture and subculture has some corner here. Your tribe is waiting.
  7. Avoid Empty Subway Cars: If a subway car is empty during rush hour, you don’t want to find out why.
  8. Never Take the Last Train: It’s always full of drunks.
  9. Avoid Eating Certain Places: Chain restaurants, Times Square, and Little Italy are all places to avoid.
  10. Weeknights Are Better for Going Out: Find out what the good bars are, but avoid them on weekends.
  11. Don’t Move in July: Anytime you move, pack as lightly as possible. Your residence anywhere else in the world is huge compared to what you’re getting.
  12. Don’t Wear the I-Heart-NY Shirt: Tourists love them. Locals love them, too. They just don’t wear them.
  13. Scrunchies Are Optional: Not long ago, these were totally taboo. Now, they are making a controversial comeback.
  14. Be Flexible in Eating: You’ll never carry a week’s worth of groceries home.
  15. Call It ‘the City’: The city is all there is to locals. They don’t use the full name.
  16. Don’t Be a Prick on the Subway: You don’t need to be a saint, but don’t block doors, and give up seats to those who need them.
  17. Don’t Drive in the City: No. That’s all. Just don’t.
  18. Care for Yourself: Whether its running outside or a yoga mat indoors, you need to find your own corner of zen to counteract the hustle and bustle.
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Key Takeaways

Living in New York offers tremendous benefits to those brave enough to move there. Those benefits include:

  • Diversity
  • Culture
  • Opportunity

If you want to live like a local or just not get noticed by people as being from somewhere else, then follow the guidelines listed above. Don’t use maps, and don’t gawk at the sites. Just keep your head down and move fast like everyone else. Doing most of these will let you merge with the city that never sleeps so you can awaken a life like no other.

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