How to remove background noise

Background noises are annoying while working, studying, providing presentations or according to audio or videos, etc. Still, you do not need to worry more; here, we will present a solution. With this solution, you can get rid of all your background noise and communicate with your colleagues, workers, and students. This solution is an AI mic noise canceling adapter and can be used with any device did you move all unwanted and undesired sounds.

AENC Technology (Xiamen) Co Ltd. offers this microphone adapter ES-260 by Blucalm, with the latest technology that works efficiently and removes all undesired noise without disturbing actual audio quality. So you can communicate online by using this microphone adapter without any tension of Unwanted background noises of children, traffic, the noise of fans, Pets, or any other.

Using this noise-canceling microphone adapter will help you conduct online meetings and save you from the hassle of being together, arranging the venue, and all that. This will be so helpful as your colleagues can listen to you. If there is a lot of noise in taking classes on Zoom, you can deliver lectures by using this ES 260 mic adapter, and students will be able to hear your voice and take their notes Without facing any difficulty.

This method is suitable for instantly removing background noise as you are not required to download multiple kinds of apps or to use heavy software. You just need to attach your AI Mic noise-canceling adapter, And you can get rid of all your background noise. This microphone adapter comes with some special kind of features that make it distinct from all other microphone adapters, so we are going to mention them here. You can go through them and choose them if it suits your requirements.

  • It comes with the technology of removing unwanted noise without disturbing the original audio quality. It is designed to identify vocal harmonics so you can communicate with excellent efficiency using this.
  • It can be used with any device as it has a USB 2.0 adapter dark, making this noise-canceling microphone adapter compatible with most devices like mobile phones, laptops, PC, Mac, etc.
  • The communication process will be smooth as the microphone adapter will enhance the performance by minimizing unwanted background noises.
  • Another feature that makes it distinct from others is that it will mute yourself when you are not speaking, so it will protect your communication from undesired noise that comes in gaps.
  • It comes with a beautifully designed structure that is very lightweight and can easily be carried in a pocket. You can view the operational status with the indicator of blue light that also enhances the beauty of its structure.

Can Blucalm AI mic noise-Canceling adapter replace Krisp?

Yeah, this microphone adapter is better than crisp and can even replace it. You have to download and set up a special kind of software for removing noise using Krisp, but while using this microphone adapter, you are just required to attach it to your device; you can observe the phenomenon through noise-canceling.

Krisp offers you a limit of some minutes to remove undesired noise, while you can use a mic noise-Canceling adapter with unlimited access. So it can replace Krisp and be a better option as a noisy background solution.




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