How To Throw Your Friend the Ultimate Going Away Party

If your friend has a long-distance move coming up, throwing them a party is the best way to wish them well on their upcoming journey. Sometimes, people move to pursue better careers, live closer to their family members, or simply try someplace new for a change. Regardless of the reason, throwing them a farewell party is a great way to show how much you appreciate their friendship and that you’re happy for them. With this guide, learn how you can throw your friend the ultimate going away party in just a few simple steps.

Help your friend find the best moving company.

If you want your friends to enjoy their going away party without worries, then you should help them take care of the logistics first. Look for top-rated moving companies in Miami or your local area so that they have peace of mind well before their big move day. Long-distance relocation can make for a stressful move. They’ll have to go through all of their stuff and find storage services and packing services. But if you find the right company, professional movers can do all of the hard work on their behalf. From bubble wrap to boxes, they’ll assist with everything regarding the moving and packing process. Solomon & Sons is a professional moving company known for its great service. They offer all of the solutions your friend needs to relocate to their new city at a price that’s reasonable and affordable. Help your friend with a worry-free move by contacting movers!

Delegate roles and tasks.

So, you’ve decided to throw your friend a party. After helping them figure out the logistics of moving, you’ll need to come up with a guest list. Contact your mutual friends, hit up their favorite people, and shoot messages over to their family members. Then, ask around and see who is willing to help with the party planning. You’ll find that it’s a lot easier to throw together a fun party when you have some assistance. Plus, they likely already have people in their life that would be happy to help. Make it easier on yourself and delegate the bigger tasks to make planning more manageable.

Write down a list of activities.

What’s a party without activities? If you really want to throw your friend the ultimate going away party, you’re going to need some recreational activities to amp up the fun. Sometimes, people aren’t quite satisfied with the typical chatter and music playing in the background. It’s crucial to come up with things to do. For example, you can rent a Dance Dance Revolution arcade machine. That’s right, you can play Dance Dance Revolution simply by renting out the machine! Beginners and enthusiasts alike will love having DDR to break the ice and fuel some fun.

Find the perfect party food.

Food is fuel! And it’s also a great way for people to feel comfortable in a party environment. Not only can you replenish yourself and keep your energy up, but some people also just like to graze the buffet table and nibble on snacks. Come up with a list of your friend’s favorite foods and start contacting caterers from a Hyde Park Cincinnati restaurant. The sooner, the better!

Choose a thoughtful gift.

This is the last step in throwing your friend the ultimate going away party. Nothing says “farewell” quite like a thoughtful gift. A few great ideas include a photo book filled with memories they’ve made in town, a box of greeting cards and letters from all of their friends, or a poster of the city they’re moving from. Make sure to present it to them at the party.

This was a simple guide on throwing your friend a moving away party. As you can see, it’s completely doable with the help of a few resources!

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