I’m feeling curious – Google Fun Facts

It is hardly an exaggeration to call Google the “Einstein” of search engines. Google has been ingrained in our daily lives. Every day, we use Google to look for everything from entertainment to education to shopping. Many people don’t know the difference between the internet and Google.

Are you aware that there are some fantastic Google gravity tricks that will keep you occupied for hours? ‘Do a barrel roll’ – where the Google page rolls like a barrel, ‘Tilt’ – which tilts the Google search page, ‘Zerg Rush’ – where search results start disappearing, and many more such tactics are just a few examples. These tricks are mostly for entertainment, but they can be beneficial at times.

Have you heard of Google’s “I’m feeling curious” trick? Well, it could be, but we have a few facts regarding this entertaining and educational trick that you won’t be able to resist doing right now!

What Is Google’s “I’m feeling curious” Trick?

It’s all in the title! It’s a simple approach involving typing “I’m feeling interested” into the Google search box. A box will appear on your screen with a random fact in it. In the box, there will be a question and its response. “Why do stars twinkle?” might mean anything. It will also include the source of the material so that more information may be found on the website.

There will be an option to “Ask another question” beneath the fact box. You can press it as many times as you like, and Google will continue to display you amusing facts.

Google scans the internet for information and facts from well-known and respected websites in order to give the greatest quality material. You might be wondering where Google gets all of these facts every day! The explanation is simple: these are the facts that thousands of people look for on Google every day.

It’s an educational ruse.

This trick satisfies your curiosity while also being entertaining. It is beneficial to your school or university education as well as your profession.

For example, if you type “I’m feeling interested” into Google, it will display you answers to questions like “What was the first coin made of?” If someone is researching archaeology, this book will come in handy. In fact, everyone else would benefit from knowing this information.

It’s Not A Novelty

You are four years late if you are learning about this trick for the first time. This method was first used by Google in September of 2015. Because the globe is full of interested people, it is the oldest of all the Google scams.

It helps you improve your general knowledge.

With this method, you will not squander a single minute of your time. You can use this approach to learn something new every day during your free time at work or while strolling in the park. The trick can fill your head with amusing and educational things. Anyone from a 5-year-old child to a 50-year-old man can try this trick. It’s a great method to learn new things while having fun. If you want to improve your general knowledge, check out our selection of the greatest general knowledge applications.

I’m feeling curious about something. What’s the matter?

The technique isn’t working if you search for i’m feeling curious interested and it doesn’t return any random facts. This could be a temporary issue, and it should work again soon. We recommend clearing your browser’s cache until then. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • To see your browser’s history, press Ctrl+H.
  • Select Clear browsing data from the menu.
  • Select the options listed below and click Clear Browsing Data.

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