Important things to know about Masako Katsura

Lady of billiard, whose real name is Masako Katsura, holds significant importance in the history of sports. There is a lot to discuss when we bring up her name in any discussion, and she had a lot of achievements and acknowledgments under her name.

Katsura lived a turbulent life at the beginning that was later carried by her great accomplishments. She always had a sparkle in her eyes, as some resources confirm about her magical aura. In addition, there are heaps of acknowledgments that we can discuss in detail today.

So let’s not keep you waiting here in the introductory section, and begin our discussion right away,

The reason behind her fame:

If you are trying to find our reasons behind her massive international fame, there are some things to know. Katsura was the only/first woman who ever competed for the international billiard title, and now that is the most substantial point to cover up her reason for such fame.

Though she died long ago, but her fame has no boundaries. She died at a time when there was no trend of social media and the internet. But Google still dedicates sharpshooter’s achievement to her on Sunday, Phenomenal, isn’t it? She certainly is the light that glows till ages.


Masako’s marriage history might be unknown to you all, but it is one of the important chapters of her life. She did not marry someone from her sports field, and that goes against all guesses. Besides, it all happened in Japan during 1947 when she fell in love with a U.S army officer.

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Vernon Greenleaf was a serviceman in the U.S army. So they both met in some type of exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. That is when the connection started to become stronger. After some time, they were head over heels in love with each other.

So they considered marrying to be the best possible option. Though Masako lived more than her spouse, she always carried his memories till her great demise.


We don’t know much about her lifestyle but that the new agencies make some claims. You will find many false claims and information regarding her lifestyle and net worth, but they aren’t true. Most of these resources don’t hold value, and authentic resources don’t vouch for them.

Masako lived a very graceful lifestyle despite of her turbulent life in the beginning. She was a passionate lady and did show her class and wonders in the billiards game. Her appearance in the international championship took most former champions.

But she stood gracefully and took over and faced all the challenges of her time. In addition, many resources claim about her lifestyle in Japan and the United States. But some of them are true to their call.

She did live a great lifestyle, and her lifestyle is worth taking a look into. Her residence was also beautiful with all facilities according to her time, which is another reason to specify her substantial source of income.

All the international forums gave her respect and acknowledgment, and those acknowledgments made her the star of all Japan and the world. She died in 1995 through an affluent ending to her past wealthy history.

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Net worth:

If you are looking to get an idea about Masako’s net worth and income at her time, then here is a brief account. The wealth comparison would be very different from her time to this time, too, for many reasons that you also understand.

  • She possessed over $3 million worth of resources at her time

You might get confused looking above this number, but that’s not how it looks like. Everything, even the trend back in the time, was different than what it is today. Today, it is a trend to acquire and make a lot of money utilizing names and resources as most celebrities do.

But Masako did acquire this huge income or resources just through recognition, which describes everything about her.


The history of her career also met its end even before the time of her demise in 1995. Masako made an appearance back in 1976, and it was a brief one. Things promptly changed after that time, and nobody knew what would happen to her when she disappeared.

Many resources claim that she died 5 years after her disappearance. She ended everything out of Japan and made it back to her indigenous land back in 1990 and lived her last few years over there.


1-Is Masako still alive?

Masako died at the age of 82 back in 1995. So it is evident that Masako is dead but not alive to this day. Also, there are many false claims and rumors regarding the age number of Masako, and they all are false as she died long ago.

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It is just the history that painted her true picture and the generations to come.

2-Why is Masako famous?

Masako is specifically famed for her title, “Lady of billiards,” when she participated in the international billiard tournament as the only women competitor. That is when she took this title, and everyone did acknowledge her for what she did.

After that, Masako started to participate in new conferences, and people became aware of her presence.

3-Was Masako, a happy child?

According to some resources claiming that she lost her father at a very young age, she wasn’t the happiest. That’s when she became disturbed, but that was followed by a series of other incidents in her life—that time when she developed a passion for sports.


So that is where our discussion regarding Masako Katsura ends with a complete analysis. Most people dying are just diminished from the history and memories, but still, people aren’t. Acknowledged people like Masako are remembered even after such a long time.

She is an entity that found her fame in the previous century while the same century dissolved her. But she is famous for her remarkable achievements in the billiard’s game. She represented women of the world on an international sports forum.

That is the reason why people still remember and love her to the highest limit.

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