In What Ways Are Live Casino Games Changing How We Play?

The introduction of live casino games has given players a new way of gambling online. How have these changes added to the gameplay and changed the industry?     

Versions of Classic Casino Games

Blackjack and roulette are two of the most instantly recognizable games and have been a key attraction in casinos for centuries. Their move into the live casino industry has made it possible for players to try these games conveniently at home, with a human dealer taking charge of the action in a casino that’s decorated to fit a certain theme.

The list of popular live casino games includes interesting new approaches that add something extra to the classic gameplay we’re used to seeing. Red Door Roulette has a bonus section where random multipliers are generated, while Quantum Blackjack Plus Live has multiplier cards and side bets. These changes leave the basic gameplay in place, as you still need to predict the winning number in roulette and get to 21 in blackjack.        

Game Shows Based on a Wheel of Fortune

The trend for a game shows-style approach has been another notable development in the online casino industry in the last few years. Rather than being based on a classic game like roulette or blackjack, they’re set up to offer a completely new type of gameplay, which gives the creators a lot of freedom to devise different ways of playing with a human presenter.

In many cases, the main game is built around a spinning wheel of fortune that can lead to cash prizes or bonus rounds. Monopoly Live is a good example of this genre, as the right result on the wheel can lead players into a 3D Monopoly universe where the Mr Monopoly character moves around collecting prizes. Another example comes from Money Drop Live, where a bonus game is based on cards being given to two competing hands.    

New Types of Game Shows

The changing casino landscape and new technology have led to a new breed of live games that use a wide variety of settings and props to bring the action to life. Some of the latest game shows are based on existing ways of gambling that aren’t commonly seen in casinos. Lightning Lotto is a lottery-style game but has the added feature of lightning strikes that add multipliers to win, while Crazy Pachinko Live introduces a variant of the famous Japanese game.

Snakes and Ladders Live is an example of a game show based on a timeless board game. It uses a set of dice and has a layout that will seem instantly familiar to anyone who has played the original game. A couple of bonus games add variety and the chance to win extra prizes.

The casino games industry has been evolving to give players a much wider range of ways of playing. While many of them are clearly based on long-established games, others have alternative types of gameplay as well as unique themes that are designed to appeal to different kinds of players.

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