Increasing Workplace Productivity With A Motivational Speaker

The Teacher Will Come When The Student Is Ready

Sometimes an external person is necessary to bring things in an organisation into perspective. While walking in the woods, normally, employees cannot appreciate the forest. Inspirational speakers can help our teams marvel at the forest. Motivational speakers can do wonders for boosting workplace productivity. Here is the blueprint:

It Is Not All About Money

In the past, it was considered that people are motivated to work and be productive only by financial means. Experiments conducted in the first half of the 20th century started to crack this theory.

The Hawthorne experiment, conducted in the 1920s, tested the effect of dimming lights on worker productivity. What struck all is that productivity kept rising almost to the level of pitch darkness in the working place. How could that be? This was the first behaviour experiment, which proved that there is something more to productivity than pure material gains. Later on, Maslow provided us with the answer in the 1940s: people have a hierarchy of needs.

Although money is important for satisfying the first 2 levels of needs – the physiological and security level, this is about as far as it will be the key for worker productivity. The remaining levels were much more psychological than material. It was proven that flourishing and happy workers will deliver the best productivity at the workplace.

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So how do we get our workers to be happy and flourish?

In 2011 Dr. Martin Seligman came up with a straightforward comprehensive theory on the matter. He deduced that all that a person needs to flourish is the short abbreviation of his model PERMA:

  • Positive emotion,
  • Engagement,
  • Relationships,
  • Meaning,

Now let’s apply Dr. Seligman’s model to the effort of increasing workplace productivity.

Positive Emotions

Positive emotions at the workplace are triggered by the job we do and the team we do this job with. Positive emotions on the job are much more than just happiness. They include pride, hope, interest, joy, compassion, even love. Hence it is extremely important how we perceive our job, how we are treated by our team and how we treat the other members within our team.

The female motivational speaker Chelsea Pottenger will empower your teams to take control of their psychological wellbeing. Mrs. Pottenger will facilitate your employees to take a fresh look at their job, their responsibilities and bring mindfulness to the working teams. These will strip away stress, build positive emotions and increase productivity as a result.


If you have heard the phrase “I don’t care. This is not my job.” in your organisation, “engagement” is running low. If employees do not care about the overall wellbeing of the organisation that they are working for their motivation for work will be low and results – poor.

As Dr. Seligman put it himself engagement is “being one with the music”. Engagement is living in the present moment of time with full focus on the working task.

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With time engagement may run low in an enterprise. It is exactly then that a motivational speaker can help boost morale.  Female inspirational speakers, like Robyn Moore, can help your teams take responsibility for their choices which will trigger the anticipated results in their lives. Robyn will stir engagement.


Relationships are just as important at work as outside it. Without functional teams work is not only unproductive, but it may as well turn destructive. However, it is not only enough to have a working team. In order to be productive, the relationships within this team need to rival the best of examples.

The creator of “100 Things” and the “Kindsum Platform” Sebastian Terry can help. He is an inspirational speaker who can make the members of the team think and work as one.


Is there a meaning to your employee to get out of bed in the morning and come to work?

Remember, it is not only about money.

Meaning is explained as working for something which is greater than ourselves. Having a purpose in life helps people stay focused even in challenging times. The leading mindfulness motivation lecturer may help your team grasp the meaning of what’s at hand. Try inviting Emma Murry to your corporate event as a keynote speaker. She will facilitate your team losing their doubts, forgetting their fears and finding the meaning of their jobs.


Even if we have all of the PERM above this will not be enough for a motivated and highly productive team. What is also needed is the successful track record of award-winning achievements. Achievements or accomplishments is the event of reaching a predetermined goal, as set by the organisation. Accomplished goals provide a sense of pride to the individual and the team alike. Having past accomplishments motivates teams to strive for even better.

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It only seems reasonable never to forget to praise your teams for having achieved their goals.

There is no better way to boost the sense of accomplishment and the drive to be even better than a motivational speech by female mental health speaker Clare Desira. Clare will bond with your teams and will help them build their resilience.

Workplaces which have resilient and inclusive teams, a strong and diverse working culture, psychology of setting, reaching and celebrating goals and their achievement will not only be productive above average. They will attract new recruits. Turnover will be insignificant. Innovation will be a way of life. The employees will be flourishing on their workstations.

The truth is that external to the organisation motivational speakers can either bring PERMA to your enterprise or make your employees aware of its components. You may attract a speaker to focus on a single component of PERMA, which you consider critical, or you may ask for a more general approach.

Either way, this will strongly boost the happiness and wellbeing of your teams, which in turn will increase their productivity. Do not hesitate to hire an inspiring keynote speaker for your next corporate event. This is probably the easiest way to enhance the performance of your organisation.

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