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Is it Time to Pursue Your Advanced Nursing Degree?

Nursing can be a profoundly fulfilling profession, one that is marked by perseverance, diligence, tenacity, and immense societal value, but if you are considering the pursuit of an advanced degree, you are likely well aware of this.

Sometimes, there comes a point in one’s career when a change of direction is imperative. Whether this is for a change of scenery, a higher wage, a greater sense of purpose, or simply to avoid torpidity in the general working day, it is common and often for the best.

The healthcare industry might be one of the very best areas in which to strive for professional development opportunities, partly because there are just so many avenues to explore, all of which yield unique obstacles and rewards.

To get a good start in your nursing career you need to complete a Diploma of Nursing with EmployEase, however, as you and your role grow you may be thinking about taking your career to the next stage. Returning to education is possibly one of the best ways forward.

If you need a little extra convincing, or you want some deeper insight into what the road ahead might have in store for you, here are some points you might want to take a look at.

The Demand for Nurse Executives

Nurses are in high demand throughout the US and many other parts of the world, and this pertains to a range of different roles and responsibilities within the profession. One such position is that of a nurse executive, a prestigious and extremely high-paying role that is usually reached through an advanced degree.

If the added responsibility and the opportunity to lead and inspire a team has tickled your fancy, then you might be in luck, as there are some wonderful nursing leadership courses online that can enable you to kickstart the next exciting stage of your career.

If you were unsure as to whether or not now was the right time, then it is worth noting that the availability and accessibility of online courses can make a return to education completely viable, even for the busiest among you.

This accessibility, when coupled with the demand for managerial roles, makes the current landscape appear incredibly ripe with opportunities for anyone wishing to drive their career in a positive direction.

Inspire the Next Generation

If you want to be an intrinsic part of what shapes a brighter future for global humanity (you can steal that line for your application), then perhaps the way to make the biggest impact is to inspire the next generation of nurses.

An advanced nursing degree can help you do this, as it unlocks many opportunities for you to move into management and leadership roles, one of them being a nurse educator.

For those wishing to move away from the bedside and improve upon the patient experience in a different kind of way, this could be the ideal route to take.

You may already have the experience and the expert knowledge and skillset required to handle this responsibility, but sometimes, the qualification itself is all you need to secure a job.

Enrich Your Working Day

If you feel as though an invisible barrier stands between you and the next stage of your career, or you think that you are not learning enough on a daily basis, then an advanced degree could help you change the way in which you perceive your average working day.

Education enriches and informs, which is great news for anyone wishing to hone their existing set of nursing skills.

Enrich your working day with a wealth of new knowledge that you can directly apply in a practical setting, and you will probably rediscover a love for your role, or at the very least, unearth the possibility of taking your efforts in a new direction.

Earn a Bigger Wage

Although the wage is not usually one of the primary driving factors behind why people enter nursing to begin with, it is obviously an essential part of the job. If you felt as though you deserved to be earning more, and you do, then the advanced education route is probably one of the safest ways to go in terms of driving up your wage.

Some of the top-earning nursing roles are only accessible via an advanced degree of some kind, and the difference in wages can be fairly jaw-dropping.

In fact, according to Indeed, the average base salary for a Chief Nursing Executive in the United States is $103,243 per annum, and there is every chance you will end up earning much more than that, possibly even double in some cases.

Be Part of a Growing Industry

If you wish to remain a part of an immensely valuable, essential industry that is growing substantially, then perhaps securing your position with the help of the right qualifications is the best method of progression.

The healthcare industry is full to the brim of some of the world’s most advanced technology, and it constantly sits at the very edge of innovation, pushing the envelope ever further with each passing day.

To be a part of that is quite something, especially if it happens to be part of your day job. Once you have a solid set of skills, experience, and qualifications to rely on, countless avenues will likely unveil themselves to you, so if you ever want to take a drastic departure and pursue a completely new route in healthcare, an advanced degree could make it possible.

Make a Difference

Uncertainty and health concerns have been a mainstay of the last few years, illuminating the need for more nurses and the irreplaceable role they perform in today’s world. If you want to make an even bigger impact, or rather, a different kind of impact to the one that you make already, then perhaps it is the perfect tie to step into a senior management role.

This can enable you to support your patients, your team, and the healthcare industry in its entirety.

Whatever you end up deciding to do, it is best to bear in mind that there are opportunities out there, and your work is respected the world over.

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