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Playing a virtual escape room game online with your friends could be a great way for you and your friends to stay in touch virtually. You’ll enjoy these if you’ve always loved escape room video games and actual escape room adventures. All of these video-based online escape games have received favourable reviews and are a lot of fun.

Then, what do these online escape room games actually consist of? To escape within the allotted time, you and your friends must work together to solve puzzles, crack codes, and use lateral thinking. This is done via an online chat platform. There are several ways that these free multiplayer online games work.

For instance, you can control a “games master” in some games who resides there and influences the plot. If you want to bring people from different countries together or if you need team-building exercises for the office, these virtual escape room games are a great option. Some don’t have live components, so you can play them whenever you want.

The typical objective of some of these free escape room games online is to unlock a locked door. Others involve stealing some virtual cash, discovering a hidden object, or getting away before a house or building catches fire. So let’s explore these top online escape room games right away.

The Top 10 Online Escape Room Games

Do you want to play an escape game with your friends online for free? Lay back and relax! Here is a list of the top online games with multiplayer escape rooms.

1 Contents hidden The following are the top 10 escape room games available online: 1. Moriarty’s Game 2. Agent Venture 3. The Escape Game 4. Trapped In The Web 5. Daytona Escape Room Experience 1.6 6. Cluecrypted 1.7 8. Mystery Escape Room 1.8 9. Know Escape 1.9 10. Paruzal Conclusion

First, Moriarty’s Game

HiddenCity is the best game when it comes to being captivating and fascinating.

This is one of the best free escape games you can play online; to complete it, you must quickly search the city for hints and piece together the plot. Real-time texts, emails, and phone calls serve as the game’s primary narrative and communication channels. A laptop is practical. A laptop is helpful because there are criminal histories to check, webcams to watch, maps to look up, and a radio link to the accomplice.

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It is not a legitimate online escape room game as a result. Since stopping the bad guys is the goal, the game is more akin to a treasure hunt with a code-breaking challenge.

This virtual escape game can accommodate four to five players, and each one joins the call on Zoom using a different device (ideal if both you and your pals are dispersed over the world) There was a sixth party on the call as well. Agent Venture is being portrayed by a live artist. The company of a conversation partner made the evening much more enjoyable! Given that each participant has a specific role to play in the operation, you would prefer Agent Venture. Before you can begin playing escape games online, you must fill out a questionnaire to ascertain which role best suits you. If you want to have fun, Agent Venture is one of the best free escape games online.

Check out Agent Venture


The Escape Game 3.

Despite the wide range of themes for online escape games that have been created, the majority of them don’t have the same level of intrigue as playing in a real room. They miss the thrill of seeing a scene that illustrates the joy of completing a challenging task and hastily making your way out with little time left! An online multiplayer escape room game’s US-based creator has modified its realistic games to include some far-flung journeys during the COVID epidemic. These escape room experiences occur in real time within their well-liked online escape game.

The four options are Prison Break, Heist, Gold Rush, and Ruins. A tutorial based on the escape game is offered for these online escape games. The tour guide relayed what they were seeing in real time.

The Escape Game: Visit

4. The Web Is Trapped

Both a live game master and a livestream setup are not used in Trapped In The Web. In contrast to many of the other online multiplayer escape room games on this list, you can play them whenever you want. This collection of online escape rooms was first developed by a Londoner as some light entertainment for his girlfriend during the city’s lockdown.

Brief videos that briefly describe various rooms’ layouts are mixed in with photos that briefly describe various objects in the escape room game. You advance in the game by entering codes into boxes on a Google Doc. Even though playing the escape game online at home is a lot of fun, it would be challenging to screen share with Zoom and play with numerous players in various locations.

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Stop by Trapped In The Web.

5. The Daytona Escape Room Adventure

Another escape room video game that has joined the online craze is The Daytona Escape Room Experience. One of their favourite rooms, The Heist, is available for them to play in every day.

With just a little more than an hour until the security guard’s next round, will your team be able to successfully steal the priceless work of art? You can take over the role of a game master who is physically present in the room in this fantastic online escape game. Through a video link, your friends can give you directions, but it’s up to you to solve the puzzles before time runs out!

Daytona Escape Room Experience, visit

Cluecrypted 6.

The “Crime of the Century” is a made-up online escape game that is played on a live Zoom feed. Bring together your friends from all over the world to communicate with the Games Master, whom you will command during the game.

In essence, you’ll instruct him on what to grab and what to reveal, and the plot will progress similarly to a typical escape game. You’ll receive a Google Drive connection in addition to the Zoom link and live broadcast features, allowing you to explore some of the items the Games Master will show you while you play the online escape game. This offline escape room game can accommodate 2 to 6 players and is comparable to a traditional escape game. Who would you choose for your team, then?

Cluecrypted Visit

7. Suspicious Escape Room

Two online escape games are now available from this well-known escape room provider, which you can play at home via video chat.

A Nancy Drew Virtual Escape Room is available with a variety of intriguing puzzles and riddles to solve. Your team must stay at Nancy Drew’s estate, look for leads, and follow in her footsteps in order to find Nancy Drew and unravel the mystery surrounding her disappearance. Instead, check out the fun online game The Superhero Escape, in which you must prevent the villainous supervillain Doctor Psionic from destroying the world. He’s hidden mind-control equipment all over the planet, and you have to find it and turn it off before it starts working.

Teams of four to eight players can play these online multiplayer escape room video games. Practice your timing and skills if you’re playing from somewhere else because this is in the US.

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Mystery Escape Room Visit

8. Recognize elude

Through a video connection with a real game master, you manage the games. The Dentist, The Supervillains’ Lair, The Witches Tower, and Alex’s Bathroom are the games that are currently playable. What takes place when you awaken in a dental office?

That’s what The Dentist’s storyline makes you consider. Then, while figuring out what happened, you must prepare your escape using hints and codes. You are in the residence of a person you met out on the town, Alex’s Bathroom. In this fun virtual escape room game, will your team be able to develop a successful escape plan?

Go – Know Your Escape

Paruzal 9.

This online multiplayer escape room game was created by a couple who enjoy playing escape rooms and solving puzzles. They decided to create a website with download links after viewing several episodes. They consequently created four live-hosted online escape room games using Zoom software. The suggestions made are sound.

For instance, in the computer game Stranded Under Water, you play as a person who has 60 minutes of air left and is stranded on an old shipwreck. Will you be able to help your team before the time limit expires by coming up with a solution? Another with a Bruce Springsteen theme seems amusing. Will you be successful in getting backstage access to his concert? Possibly with the aid of your friends!

Travel to Paruzal


10. The Twinwoods Expedition


This virtual escape game is one of the most well-liked ones right now. Morse Code is a video game set in 1942 during World War II in Britain.

let me watch this You can genuinely enjoy the thrill of an escape room whenever it’s convenient for you, controlling the game master and solving puzzles with the aid of the live video stream. One of the most played online escape room games right now may be this one. Real-time digital cues, 360-degree images, and a variety of video feeds will make you feel as though you are in the middle of the action.

Adventure at Twinwoods


You and your group might have a tonne of fun playing online escape room games. Your team’s aptitude for solving the puzzles presented by the games will be put to the test as you progress through the various scenarios offered by these online escape games. Find out if you and your group would enjoy playing these free online escape room games by trying them out.

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