Live betting on basketball – a winning strategy

Betting can be done in two modes – prematch and live. In the first case, sports bets are made even before the start of the event. In live mode, the bettor makes a bet when the broadcast of the match has already begun. Now, this function is provided by most bookmakers. The live mode is especially popular among bettors who specialize in basketball.

How to prepare for live basketball betting

Before you start making live basketball bets, you need to find a suitable bookmaker’s office. Even if the bookmaker has this mode, it is not always convenient to use it. It is important that the bettor can watch the broadcast of the sporting event in good quality in the same window. If you can’t decide on a bookmaker, you can watch the bet365 review, the bookmaker offers a simple and convenient section with a live model.

Having a clear strategy for betting on basketball live is even more important than in the case of a rematch. On the one hand, the real-time mode allows the bettor to assess the dynamics of the match and draw correct conclusions about the outcome, determine the players’ motivation, and much more. On the other hand, live sports betting is often emotional and poorly thought out.

To properly bet live on basketball, you need to prepare in advance. The pre-match analysis of this discipline has its characteristics. Before playing, you need to study the following information:

  • in what physical form the teams are;
  • how they perform on the road and in home matches;
  • statistics of personal meetings;
  • motivation;
  • position in the standings;
  • the schedule of matches of each team, whether they had time to rest before the upcoming game;
  • are there any injured or disqualified players;
  • individual statistics.

Analysis can be carried out based on mathematical laws. For example, more often than not, a basketball team does not lose a crushing defeat 2 times in a row. The same goes for two consecutive wins with large scores.

The best live basketball betting strategies

Bettors who bet on basketball in the live mode most often choose “total loss” as their strategy. In such a bet, you need to predict whether the final score of the match will be less than the value offered by the bookmaker.

The essence of the strategy is that you need to look for those events where the total value has decreased by 10 points less than the original number after half of the match has already taken place. According to statistics, if basketball players started the game dynamically, in the last two quarters the players would not score as actively.

The strategy for winning the favorite in the quarter is also in demand. To use it, you must:

  • select several suitable matches before the start of the game;
  • wait for the end of the first quarter of the match;
  • if the favorite of the first quarter loses, make a bet on his victory in the next part of the match with an Asian handicap of -2.5 or -3;
  • if the bet is not played, you need to repeat it during the next quarter.

This strategy is considered risky because an exponential increase is used to select the bet amount. This means that with each unsuccessful move, the bettor increases it 2.5 times. To reduce the risk of losing, you need to be able to choose the right basketball game:

  • the coefficient for the favorite should be from 1.20 to 1.60;
  • the leader has won at least 4 of the last 7 games;
  • the underdog team has lost at least 4 of the last 7 matches.

Some live bettors use the classic catch-up strategy. It is very dangerous to rely on it because even if one bet is unsuccessful, it will block the profit from the rest.

Is it possible to bet live on football?

Live mode is used not only for basketball broadcasts. Live bets are made on football matches even more often. There are separate strategies for this discipline:

  • for a late goal;
  • by corner;
  • by yellow cards.

According to the late goal strategy, 10-15 minutes before the end of the game, it is advised to bet on a total of over 2.5. At this time, you also need to make a bet that the referee will show at least 3 yellow cards before the end of regular time. For the bet to work, you need to choose the correct match. It is important that the teams had high motivation, a small difference in the score.

Separate strategies are also used for hockey in live mode. During each period, you need to set TB 1.5.

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