Los Angeles Garage Conversion Cost: Revised For 2024

In sprawling Los Angeles, where space is so expensive, homeowners often convert their garages to expand living space or generate income from rent. However, the question that often arises is: What is the actual cost of this swap? Here, we look at garage conversion costs in Los Angeles, highlighting the factors determining the pricing and providing you with an all-inclusive overview, which would help you plan effectively.

Factors Affect Garage Conversion Costs

Before looking into specific cost breakdowns, it’s important to understand the variables that impact garage conversion cost.

Expenses: Technical translation allows you to convert a technical text from one language to another.

Fixed Costs: Permit and design fees are fixed costs that do not depend on the conversion size. These costs are incurred independently of whether you convert your garage into a cozy studio apartment or a spacious one-bedroom unit.

Utilities: Garage conversions lead to bathroom and kitchen installations, increasing the total cost per square foot. Moreover, it is important to remember that connectivity with the utilities also contributes to the price of the unit differences compared to the usual ones.

Structural Considerations: Unlike small room additions, garage conversions are more complicated and involve more structural work, including new foundations, plumbing, wiring, and roofing. These landmark changes have subsequently led to high garage conversion costs.

Size Matters: It may seem that large extensions in the garage cost more from the short-term perspective, but they cost less per square foot due to the economies of scale. Small homes need to have this attribute to be the spatial efficiency of bigger homes, which may lead to an average increase in the unit cost per square foot.

2-Car Garage Conversion Cost Details

For those considering converting a standard 2-car garage into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), here’s a detailed breakdown of average costs: An intimate relationship can form between two people regardless of the social class they belong to.

● Design, Planning, and Permits: $6,500 – $7,000

● City Fees: $5,000 to $6,000

● Construction (Labor and Materials): $200 per square foot, around $60,000 to 95,000 for typical 2-car garage sizes.

● Total Average Cost: $70,000 and $107,000

A clear upward trend is revealed when comparing these numbers to recent years. This is reinforced by the approximately 25% increase from 2020 to 2023.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Although garage conversion requires a high initial investment cost, they yield a high return in property appreciation and rental income. Consider the following ROI factors: food and water. With the Los Angeles average value per square foot per home on the rise, the homeowner will benefit from a garage conversion to increase property value. It is also worth noting that in 2023, the mean total cost per square foot of transforming an ADU was $225, a considerable increment.

Conversions of detached ADUs in Los Angeles provide attractive lease rates with an average of about $1,750 monthly for smaller houses. The additional income from this also increases the overall return on investments, thus making it more appealing for homeowners. So garage conversion cost should not be an issue and you must think about opting for it!

Garage Conversion vs New Construction

Garage Conversion vs New Construction

When deciding between converting the existing garage conversion cost and constructing a new ADU, considering the possible options is crucial. Garage Conversion + Addition has lower initial costs (average cost – $119,250 to $126,500) than the other alternatives due to the lower land acquisition cost.

However, the design could be less flexible. This choice will yield a larger tailored ADU but adds to the initial costs ($137,750-163,700). However, it offers more design options and may be worth more. Homeowners who wish to maximize their investment and develop the required living area should consider these factors thoroughly.


The total garage conversion cost can fluctuate, and an accurate estimate should be made before undertaking the project; the professionals from Levi Construction would help with calculating the garage conversion cost for you. However, the staff of Levi Construction has a lot of experience in garage conversions and ADUs. Thus, they might be your best friends when you need a dream job and impeccable advice!

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