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MANGADEX: An Online Bookshelf Of Your Favourite Comics

Reading books provide us with great pleasure and enhances our knowledge. The books help us to create a positive perspective in our mind and rephrase our thinking. You can entertain yourself and get many lessons through the books.

The website mangadex made by scanlators allows users to read mangas online. It contains a different and unique type of mangas of all categories and genres in many languages. A person can find manga of their desired category free of cost.

The users can access dex manga on their phones, computers and tablets. You can enjoy a daily dose of mangas at any time and place The mangas contain a lot of graphics, visuals and art.

More about Mangadex:

Comic books play a crucial role in offering knowledge, fun and entertainment to the readers. Any comic or manga serves as a unique creation of a writer which consists of animations, stories and pictures. The readers who love reading books now love to read manga because of its interesting and unique features.

In this digital age, the internet has gained popularity among people. The users can get a backup for almost all the things that got disappeared from the real world. For-example comics were once the most favourite things for children. But they started disappearing from the physical world over some time.

In this digital era, they still exist on online websites that deal with manga. The website gigant mangadex contains various kind of comics with unique and interesting categories.

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Unique features:

  • The users can create their bookshelf on this website
  • Your bookshelf contains all your favourite books on the website
  • The readers can directly update new chapters in their bookshelf
  • You can change the layouts and can set pages of your own choice or comfort
  • The users can either register on the website or can access to website free of cost.
  • You can get the popular recommendations on the main page
  • The story lovers can pick one of any category easily from the recommendations

Temporary shutdown:

The site Mangadex got shut down in March for maintenance. It is because some hackers gained access to source code and admin account. The hackers stole the administration user’s session token through the website.

There existed a system vulnerability and hackers got access to the site. At the time of shutting down, users obtained updates from mangadex twitter about the website’s maintenance and reopening of the site.

The site Mangadex announced that they were temporarily shut down after they knew about the attack of hackers. After that, the website launched a more secure V5 version of the site. People remember it as the beginning after the end mangadex.

The users remain curious about the safety and security of a website. They should know that this website now claims safe and secure to use because of its updated security version.


The article provides a complete description of using the mangadex website for the readers.

In addition, it proves to be helpful for readers in many ways. This website is easy to use, and users can easily interact with other users. The readers don’t need to buy different comic books because they can read them on this website free of cost.

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