Money Heist: The Most Celebrated Heist Crime Television series

Are you a Netflix lover who is obsessed with the Money Heist series? This article is for you then to read and know more and more about your favourite series.

Produced by renowned Spanish producer Alex Pina, Money Heist falls in the category of heist crime drama serial. The story revolves around two well-planned heists organized, led and executed by the Professor which is the leading role played by famous Spanish Actor Alvaro Morte.

One can gauge the popularity of the serial by the fact that the costume used in the drama has become the most liked Halloween dress. And the Italian anti-fascist musical number “Bello Ciao” became the most top played song across Europe in 2018.

Furthermore, drama serial has won so many international awards, for instance, International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series, etc.

In a nutshell, Money Heist is a full package of entertainment for all.

Plot and distinctive features of Money Heist

The characters attempted the first heist  on the Royal Mint of Spain, and the second destination of robbers was the Bank of Spain. Thegorgeous Ursula Corbero played the leading female role of Tokyo . Overall, the Money Heist has three seasons, five parts and 41 episodes. In December 2021, 5th part of the series, which includes ten episodes, was released on Netflix.

  • The professor was the mastermind character in the series
  • He made a plan to enter the Royal Mint of Spain to rob more than 984 million Euros
  • To execute his critically analyzed plan, the professor hired eight people
  • It took 11 days to execute the plan
  • The robbers had to face so many problem
  • They had to deal with 67 hostages and police as well
  • After executing the first plan in this Netflix series,  the robbers hid
  • The characters meanwhile prepared for the second heist
  • Undoubtedly, the writer of the heist story created the villains
  • Villains can do justice with their multidimensional roles of robbers, lovers and family persons
  • The most unique thing in this series was telling heist stories through different perspectives and frames
  • Historically, the heist stories contained the strong male-focused centre of gravity
  • The Money Heist series gave equal focus to the female perspective by establishing a strong role of Tokyo
  • Writer of the story challenged the social roles and identities
  • He made Berlin the most love-able character in the end.
  • The idea with Spanish characteristics of love and romance made the series different from traditional American crime dramas
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What is the Cast of Money Heist?

Let’s dscuss the cast of money heist in the series. The  Spanish actor Alvaro Morte played leading male role of Professor. AndUrsula Corbero played the role of  the leading female role. Itziar Ituno:  as Lisbon in the series who was the police inspector that was in charge of the robbery case.

Later on, she also joined the gang in the last part Money Heist season 5. Pedro Alonso played the role of  Berlinwho was the professor’s brother .Many other versatile actors and actresses played their roles well to make the series a great success.

The series got hit because of its amazing characters and roles cast in it. People love all characters and got involved in it. Also, they emotionally loved it to the series when different characters died or got hurt.

Is Money Heist available on Netflix?

Initially, the 15 episodes of the series were aired on Spanish television ‘Antena 3’ in 2017 resolving around money. Later on, Netflix, an American streaming service and production company bought global streaming rights of the celebrated drama serial.

The new owner of the Netflix series released it worldwide after dividing it into 22 episodes. After the popularity of the series in 2018, Netflix decided to invest more in the third part of the series. Understanding the demand of viewers in the United States, Netflix had to do it. The Netflix website also streamed English dubbed versions of the Spanish series. In 2018, the concerned season has been the top watched content on the service provider for consecutive six weeks.

Additionally, international viewers can watch it with English subtitles as well. In 2020, Netflix announced that it would have created a South Korean adaptation of the show.But globally spread pandemic Covid-19 became the hindrance in the way of its production.

How many seasons of Money Heist you can watch?

Lets discuss how many seasons of money heist you can watch on Netflix.  Grabbing the attention of masses at a large scale, Money Heist became the most viewed serial across the world. The seriesbegan in a language other than English language.

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It has five fantastic seasons that act tremendously enough to satisfy the aesthetic sense of viewers obsessed with money. The producers released the first and second parts of the season in May and June 2017.

However, people watched the third part streaming by Netflix in July 2019.The viewers were able to watch the fourth Part of Money Heist  In April 2020 .It included eight episodes available on Netflix for viewers to watch.

How popular is the Money Heist Costume?

Money heist robbers wore red-coloured zipped overall money heist costume in the series. Wearing the robber’s clothes, many social media users posted their pictures on different social media sites. Therefore, wearing red Money Heist style overall became the fashion of the year in 2018.

Furthermore, many global celebrities commented on the characters of the season. For example, the world-famous Brazilian footballer Neymar wrote on Twitter about the Money Heist.

Additionally, in Rio Carnival many people wore robbers’ costumes. The lovers can see the Dali masksin a football stadium in Saudi Arabia during a football match.

“My life is going on” is the theme song of the series which is popular in many sections of society across the world. Furthermore, “Bella Ciao”, which is a popular anti-fascist song in Italy, was played many times in the series. Due to the popularity of the season of Money Heist the song became the top trend in the summers of 2018 in Europe.

The viewers love its mask and the costume used in the Netflix series. They started wearing such costumes after they were obsessed with this series and love for the characters,

When did the Money Heist season 5 release?

To end viewers wait, the Money Heist season 5did release on Netflix in two parts in September and December 2021. The first part of this Netflix series comprised five episodes, and the second part also included five episodes.

Recently released fifth part of the Spanish series pasteurized in Italy, Thailand, Denmark and Portugal. The Netflix invested the highest amount in the production of season five. Thus, season five grabbed a good rating on many platforms, like, IMDB, etc.

After watching the fifth part of Money Heist many people are becoming curious about the sixth season of the crime drama. Many people asked, “Is the sixth part of the drama in the production in process?”

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When is Money Heist season 6 coming out?

After watching the last episode of Money Heist season 5, it seems like it was the climax of the great entertainment series. The public demand is high to watch its one more season.

They are curious to know about when is money heist season 6 coming out?

TheNetflix did not announce the production of season six. However, Netflix committed that it will produce a spin-off series titled Berlin which would be released in 2023.

Awards and Nominations won by Money Heist

Since 2017, this money robbery series has won more than 29 awards and 62 nominations that show the acclamation of the series in different categories. Its viewership on Netflix not only makes it the most popular show, but also it helps it to win so many awards on a national and international level. Among all the awards the most important were Premios Feroz, Premios IRIS and Zapping awards.

Criticism of Money Heist

The critics believe that the series provoked a soft corner for robbers in society. Furthermore, it encourages crime in society by making people able to learn new methods of robbery.

In addition to this many capitalists argued that it is against the banking system because it is destroying people’s trust in the security systems of the banks.

Moreover, the moderates consider it an effort of resistance against the existing system.


Money Heist is a tremendous crime drama series that is a masterpiece of art and filming with strong characters. The series enjoyed large scale popularity at the national level and international level. People wearing robber’s dresses and listening to the music of the concerned series are evidence of its popularity.

The Season five of the serial was the last part of this aesthetic heist drama which was flavoured with the equal sensation of love and romance. Netflix got motivation to make a spin-off series titled Berlin which would be on air in 2023.

The article provides a complete description of the favourite series Money Heist and money heist costume. People have got obsessed with the series due to its plot, storyline, and characters. The professor remained the most suspicious and different character than the normal ones. This article is for you if you love watching seasons on Netflix.

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