Muscle Gain and Weight Gain: What’s The Difference?

Maintaining lean body weight is a gradual, time-consuming process that takes time and patience. Consult your doctor before starting any weight loss program. To gain weight, you must eat more and be healthy to stimulate muscle growth. Genetic factors are essential in your build, so it takes work to gain weight naturally. With the help of weight training and increased food intake, you can change your body to a limited extent. 

Gaining weight can be as difficult as losing. But when you do it smartly and healthily, it can help. Additionally, if you include weight gain supplements in your diet, a proper workout, and a balanced diet, results can improve. 

Reasons Behind Difficulty In Gaining Weight

Some reasons why you may find it hard to gain weight include:

  • Not eating enough food
  • Over Exercising
  • Genetics

Eat More: Quality First And Then Quantity

Underweight state usually occurs when energy intake is less than the energy used. In simple words, you need to eat more to gain weight. Healthy weight gain is to make all your energy as nutrient-rich as possible. Eating more empty-calorie food items like chips and cold drinks is not an excellent way to build muscle, repair tissue and strengthen muscles.

Some suggestions are:

  • You can use a kilojoule-counter book to measure how many calories you eat on an average day. The amount of calories may be smaller than you think. 
  • Eat thrice a day. Get yourself slightly larger portions if you can.
  • Eat 5-6 times a day if you have a small appetite. Drink water before and after meals. 
  • Increase your carbohydrate intake to gain weight successfully. 
  • Incorporate healthy snacks like fruit, muffin, yoghurt, low fat custard, muffins,  milkshake, etc. 
  • Avoid eating junk foods. Instead, opt for nutritious high fat foods like avocados and nuts. 
  • Use spreads like peanut or almond butter on whole grain breads. Also, consume grated cheese on top of your daily foods to get some concentrated calories. 

Resistance Training For Muscle Gain

  • Resistance training helps in promoting muscle growth. The use of free weights and machines are some examples of resistance training.
  • Some suggestions are:
  • Train 2-3 times a week to give time for muscle recovery. This is because muscle growth occurs during the recovery process. 
  • Try including compound exercises like squats and bench presses that work for major muscle groups.
  • Workouts should be short and intense rather than long.
  • Follow professional advice from a gym instructor, PT or Physiotherapist who will make sure you are into exercise perfectly. A good advisor is equally essential.

Lifestyle Adjustments For Gaining Weight

An active lifestyle, such as a well-balanced diet and exercise, is very crucial to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some of the suggestions include:

  • Try eating even when you are not hungry.
  • Keep a reminder for yourself to eat after every 2-3 hours.
  • Make additional eating plans. For example, fill the fridge with all the snacks you love eating.
  • Consume small amounts of protein-rich foods before and after resistance training, which help promote muscle growth.
  • Be ready if you feel bloated or gasping by eating more than usual.
  • You may gain some fat as well. Increasing muscle mass without increasing body fat is not possible. 

Track Your Gaining Process

Tracking your process helps in boosting motivation. Some suggestions are:

  • Maintain a diary to monitor your energy (kilojoule) intake and training patterns.
  • Stay consistent with your process. Weight gain requires you to increase your regular food intake every day. Try writing down your meal plans.
  • Your goals should be realistic. For instance, increasing some kilos may take a year or more to achieve. Lean body weight gain may take time, so don’t get discouraged with small improvements.
  • Check with your doctor regularly to keep a better check on your progress.

Many people believe in incorporating mass gainer price in India into their diet to give that additional support. 


Gaining weight is a slow process that may take months or even years, so being patient and consistent is the key. Also, see your specialist before opting for any weight gain program. Eat more and eat right to stimulate your body with muscle growth. Choose the best mass gainer to gain weight effectively and appropriately.

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