Mystic Fragrances/Mama Africa: Keeping Our Cultural and Traditions Alive

Opening and running a business is no small feat. When you add a worldwide pandemic and an ensuing economic downturn, it becomes a battle for many small business owners. The economic challenges of the past year have affected everyone, but for people of color across the state, these challenges have been exacerbated by tragic events that highlighted systemic racism and inequality. Coupled with the news that Black-owned businesses have closed at a greater frequency during the Covid-19 pandemic, these businesses need considerable support to stay afloat. And yet, every day Black entrepreneurs are working hard running businesses and strengthening the social fabric of their communities.

One such business is Mystic Fragrances, a locally owned business that provides a full collection of culturally inspired clothing, hair care products jewelry, home decor, and art throughout the Lowcountry. According to the owner, Detail Seabrook, after 15 years providing fragrances throughout the Lowcountry, Mystic Fragrances expanded in 2019 to become Mama Africa, which now includes a full cultural experience. “With this expansion, we are better able to serve our clients both in South Carolina and across the country with a full cultural shop for the home, body, and soul.” Mama Africa brings the experience of Africa to the Geechee-Gullah Lowcountry with businesses which includes  Mama Africa Cultural Shop, The Art of Food Wings N Things food truck, and Mystic Fragrances. “What I love most about my business is seeing customers come back again and again. I have met so many people since I have been in business. Many of them, I know by name.” 

It is very important that people spend their dollars locally, especially with small businesses. “Rather than turning to major retailers for makeup, haircare products jewelry, or home decor, you can choose to support a black-owned business. Whether you’re in the mood to splurge on yourself, are in search of the perfect gift, or are looking for something unique for your home or office, you can find it here.” Mystic Fragrances has multiple locations including Market Street in Downtown Charleston, Northwoods Mall, and Tanger Outlet in North Charleston as well as an online store. “Every dollar we make is important to keep us in the game. The local dollars are our most important incoming revenue because these are our repeat customers.” You can reach Mystic Fragrances via E-mail: mysticfragrances@icloud.com or by phone: 843-325-5260. Or directly visit our website ”thecoastalchroniclessc.”

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