OMG! Checking social media is so old school now!

Social media is a big part of our lives, but did you know that checking social media was considered old school a few years ago? In fact, checking social media was actually considered rude and socially unacceptable back in the day! But now, it’s one of the most popular forms of communication out there. So why did it become so popular?

In a world where we’re constantly connected to technology, it can be hard to imagine the days when checking social media was the only way to stay up to date on what was happening. But for many people, that was just how things were done back in the day. In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons why checking social media is becoming old school, and how you can make the most of your smartphone to stay connected without resorting to traditional methods.

Social media has become a staple in most people’s lives, but for some it may be time to relearn the old school way of checking social media- by text. A new study found that nearly half of Americans use text messages instead of social media to stay connected with friends and family. The study was conducted by Harris Poll and it found that 46% of adults used text messages to stay in touch with friends and family last year.

Social media tips: How to make your updates more interesting

If you want to make your updates more interesting on social media, here are some tips: 

  1. Use visuals. Pictures and videos are more engaging than text-only updates, especially when they’re well-shot and creative. 
  2. Don’t be too predictable. Mix it up by using different fonts, colors, and sizes for your text and images.

Social media can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but it can also be a time sink. To make your updates more interesting, here are some tips: 

1) Use photos and videos that represent you well. If you’re posting about something private, use a photo that’s related to the topic. 

2) Try to use hashtags when you post. This will help people find your post more easily.

If you want to make your updates more interesting on social media, be sure to follow these tips. First, don’t just post the same thing over and over again. Try something new each time you update your page. Second, use images and videos to spice up your posts. Third, make sure your updates are interactive. Ask your followers questions or provide them with interesting information. Fourth, make sure your updates are relevant to your audience.

OMG! These new Instagram features will change your photos forever

Instagram is introducing a number of new features that will change how you take photos on the social media platform. Starting with version 10.0 of the app, users can now add multiple effects to their photos before posting them, including bubbles, hearts, and text overlays.

Instagram is introducing a raft of new features that will radically change how you use the app. Starting with version 10.11, you can now add multiple videos to a post, as well as stickers and filters. You can also follow people from other apps, and even add them to posts as collaborators. The update also includes changes to how comments are handled, making it easier for you to reply to all comments at once.

Instagram is a social media platform where users can post photos and videos. The app has been updated with a new feature that will change the way users take photos. Instagram now allows users to add filters to their photos. This feature was first introduced on Snapchat, but Instagram is now the only app where filters can be used. 

Some of the most popular filters include the “snow,” “rain,” and “sunset” filters.

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