Selling Your DVC Membership Cost: Is It Worth It?

There are 36 different Disney hotels and 9 different DVC hotels.

If you’ve stayed at one of the DVC or Disney hotels, you may be wondering if your DVC membership cost is worth it still.

Some people have been selling their DVC membership, but should you? Keep reading to find out why you should sell your DVC points.

You Need or Want the Money

Many people are selling their DVC points because they want or need the money. During the pandemic, many people were canceling their vacations. Or they needed the money because they lost their job.

Now with vaccinations, people are starting to travel again and want to go on a trip now. This means that the DVC memberships are even more in high demand.

So if you’re behind on your bills, having that cash could help since it’s worth several thousand dollars. Keep in mind that you can always buy it again later on if you realize you miss it.

However, people are selling their membership even if they don’t need the money. But it could be a great thing to have if you’re trying to do renovations on your house or plan a different type of trip.

Market Value is Good

Right now, the market value for memberships is doing well considering the pandemic and how it halted travel. While prices might have dropped a little bit, they’re still worth a lot more than they were a few years ago.

If you bought your membership when the value was low a few years ago, you’ve probably made money while watching the price of the package climb.

Even with a slight drop in the price, it’s still a good value, and there are a lot of people who are interested in buying our membership. If the pandemic continues or travel starts to level out, there may not be as many buyers, which means that you should capitalize on this now while you can.

It can be difficult to predict whether the value will go up or down, but you can have confidence knowing that you’ll probably never lose money because people love the nostalgia of Disney.

Avoid Increased Membership Dues

If you joined the DVC in the very early days, you probably remember when the membership dues weren’t that high. Well, they keep getting higher. Many of the famous hotels that you could’ve stayed at have almost doubled in prices, which means that you’ll still be paying a lot of money for your membership.

The membership fees will never go back down, so you’ll have to decide whether or not it’s worth it for you to keep that membership.

There may come a point where it’s cheaper to sell your membership and book a hotel to avoid paying extra because of the membership fees.

More People Are Buying

With everyone wanting to travel right now, there are a lot of interested buyers. More people want to get away and find ways to connect with their family and friends. And what better way to do it than at Disney?

It’s such a competitive market right now that you may even be able to have people put in offers, and you can take the best one.

Many people are turning to resale DVC because no one knows what’s going to happen with the economy. Buying directly from Disney is expensive, but buying from someone else can help save you money.

As an owner of DVC, you probably know that buying resale is the best way to buy, so you know that there will be all kinds of people ready to take you up on your offer.

It’s also a great time to sell because right now, Disney Vacation Club holds a lot more value than any timeshare out there right now. You just have to sell buyers the perfect package.

How to Sell Your DVC Membership

If you’re convinced to sell your DVC, you may be wondering how to do it. But the process is actually very simple!

First, you’ll have to contact a resale broker’s office. Let them know what your contract is and all of the specific details. For example, how many times you’ve used it, your home resort, how many points you have, and the status of your points.

After an agent gets all the information, they’ll give you some advice. They’ll let you know what your contract would normally sell for based on the current conditions of the market.

Now, you’ll be able to decide on a price to sell your membership for. When the agent agrees, they’ll send you a listing agreement to your email address.

You’ll have to fill out some forms, and then you can send them back to the broker.

After they’ve received the form, they’ll confirm all of your points with Disney. They’ll also discuss some final details with you about the pricing. Once that’s done, they’ll list your package, and now you just have to wait for it to sell.

Depending on the market and the seller, it could take around a month to find a buyer. Once you find a buyer, it may take another six to eight weeks to close the deal.

Learn More About Selling Your DVC Membership Cost

These are only a few things to know about selling your DVC membership cost, but there are many more factors to consider.

We know that living a traveling lifestyle can be difficult, but there are ways to make it easier.

Check out our website for even more great tips on how to live a great lifestyle!

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