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Guide to Selling your Home Without Real Estate Agent

When you’re ready to move, it can be tempting to want to sell your house by yourself. The process of selling your home on your own might be challenging. Before making any decisions, you must be fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of working without an agent. However, it is always advisable that you should contact a property conveyancing agent.

Selling without Real Estate Agents

Selling your home without a realtor can help you save money, but there are other costs involved. You’ll still have to pay for staging and marketing before you even make a sale and then when you do, you’ll still need an expert Pakenham conveyancer to handle the transfer of the property into the new owner’s name. Then homes without a real estate agent sell for less money than those that do, cancelling out part or all of the savings. Selling FSBO requires a significant time investment and a great deal of hard work.

Checklist for Finding the best FSBO website

Here are some things to think about if you’re selling your house on your own and attempting to pick where to put your for sale by owner listing:

  • Types of homes that can be listed
  • Costs associated with listing a property on the website
  • Features of the website, such as support for infinite photographs and videos
  • Automatically syndicate your listing


What are the costs involved in FSBO?


Choosing a price for their home is one of the biggest problems FSBO sellers face.


You might need to spend as little as a few hundred dollars or as much as a few thousand dollars to get the right buyer’s attention, depending on your house and the local market.


Eye-catching professional images are crucial. To ensure your property can compete with other homes in your price range, you might also need to spend money on drone photos, films, or a 3D tour.

MLS Listing

Real estate brokers in your neighborhood find out about homes through the multiple listing service (MLS).

Real Estate Attorney

You could eventually find yourself in legal problems if your contract to sell has any mistakes.

Benefits of FSBO

Reduce the cost of Real Estate Agent Commissions

You keep the 3% commission that would typically go to the listing agent if you sell your house yourself. However, remember that you can still owe your buyer’s agent commission fees, which are normally 3% of the home transaction.

List with the MLS

You can promote your house listing on your personal Facebook page, through Word of mouth, and through Facebook groups. But you can advertise your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by the real estate industry to attract the largest homebuying audience possible.

Sell Quickly

Faster than an open market transaction, FSBO houses can sell and close. 77% of FSBO properties sold in 2020 did so in less than two weeks.

Drawbacks of FSBO

  • You’ll probably get less money if you sell your home without a real estate agents
  • You’re in charge of communications and marketing.
  • You must conduct Negotiations on your own.
  • FSBO sellers must look for online phishing schemes and wire fraud.

Tips to Sell house without Real Estate Agents

No emotion in the decision-making process.

When deciding on pricing and communicating with buyers, put emotions aside. Pricing a home too high based on what you think it should sell without considering the market could result in it remaining unsold for a long time.

Avoid making unnecessary changes.

You won’t have a real estate professional to advise you on what repairs or upgrades will and won’t be essential, and improvements don’t necessarily raise a property’s value. If you want to upgrade beyond what is currently available, think twice.

Top 4 Best sites to sell a home without a realtor

Here is a list of the best 4 Best sites to sell home without a realtor, which will be useful in your home selling process


Selling a house is made easy for homeowners who want to sell their homes without paying a real estate agent or broker, is a fantastic solution. Houzeo gives a thorough breakdown of all the pertinent property information.

The four listing package options are as follows:

  • Platinum – $999
  • Gold – $299
  • Silver – $249
  • Bronze – $199

Pros of Houzeo

  • Nationwide Service
  • Distinct mobile app version
  • Simple Listings on, Redfin, Zillow, and Trulia
  • Save Online commissions


Homecoin is a flat-fee MLS service that provides access to mobile and web tools so that homeowners can update and better their MLS listings whenever they want. Sellers are free to make up to ten amendments to their MLS listing. Homecoin charges a single upfront fee to access the same resource that a listing agent uses.

Pros of Homecoin

Ease of Access

Online services for MLS listings

A reasonable MLS listing cost

Cons of Homecoin

Spend more money on extra services.

Not accessible in all states.


A nationwide company called Fizber helps FSBO sellers market their houses. They provide FSBO sellers with numerous customizable alternatives, including free services and prepaid packages.

They want to make selling a home simpler and more affordable by letting you get what you need. The Digital Boost Package ($99), MLS Boost Package ($295), and the most expensive package ($395) are the Fizber bundles.

Pros of Fizber

Excellent customer service

Worldwide Availability

Cons of Fizber

Ambiguous Company practices

Outdated website

Since 1997, has been bringing buyers and sellers together. Its goal is to make house sales simple and affordable without the assistance of an agent. Using their website, you can draw attention to your listing.

All site users selling real estate have access to additional resources, like yard signs for sale, professional advice, and products to aid in the selling process. Other materials, like signage and documentation, will be charged separately because only manages the listing.

Pros of

Cost Savings

Accessible nationwide.

Although helpful, customer assistance can be challenging to reach.

Cons of

Inconsistent broker performance

Depending on your location, prices change.


Using a top-notch for sale by owner website will give you a cost-effective option with top-notch DIY tools. Websites like Houzeo and are less expensive than full-service real estate brokerages. They can play a key role in assisting you in comprehending the housing market and obtaining the finest possible price for your house.

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