Some Questions And Answers About E-Cigarettes

1. Why do I feel a little choked when I use the electronic atomizer?

The “choking throat” is related to the throat hitting sensation of the atomized bomb. You can replace it with an atomized bomb with a lower throat hit, and you can get rid of the “choking throat” problem with a high probability.

2. Why do I feel dry mouth when using the electronic atomizer?

Since the atomized liquid contains vegetable glycerin, glycerin has water absorption. During repeated puffs, the glycerin can remove moisture from the mouth, which can result in a dry mouth.

At this time, drink some water and moisten your mouth.

3. Why can’t I use the atomizer upside down?

When used upside down, the atomizing liquid will flow to the end of the atomizing nozzle, which is not easy to be fully atomized; it may also cause the atomizing core to dry and burn, resulting in a mushy smell, which is why you should not lie down and inhale.

The correct operation is to face the atomizing nozzle upwards and tilt it 45° for suction.

4. Why is the taste of the first two bites different when using an electronic atomizer?

Since the heating wire takes about 1s to heat up, the effect of atomization is different at different temperatures during the period, which will lead to different tastes.

Therefore, when using the atomizer daily, take a slow inhalation and spit it out, and then the atomizing bomb can achieve the best atomization state.

5. Why do most atomizers use ceramic cores?

The ceramic core is the current mainstream atomization core, which has the characteristics of good atomization taste and sustainable suction.

On the basis of retaining its advantages, Magifelvape innovated the self-developed trinity structure, installed a “leak-proof diamond cover” for the atomized bomb, and used the honeycomb-type ultra-wide heating surface to provide Vapor with a better taste experience.

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