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I observed my girlfriend spinning around on the dance floor with her head back, a broad smile, and more vitality than she had displayed in many years. We had made the last-minute decision to go to the club at one in the morning instead of returning home after our customary girl’s night out, which often concluded by ten o’clock. Irresponsible? Although you would believe so, who was actually having the most fun that night? I assume you are aware.

My motto in life is to “follow the joy.” I use it to determine my next course of action, my vacation destination, my diet, and my social circle. Let me be clear, though.

. Fun does not mean that you must throw nonstop parties or spend every night out clubbing. Not everything is yee-haw! A task well done or spending time with your children can be enjoyable at times. The right mindset can make virtually everything enjoyable. Fun is whatever you make it.

It can be fun to work as a volunteer at an animal shelter or in a garden. I completed two marathons the previous year not because I enjoy running but rather because I wanted to take part in the event’s excitement and fun. Fun might be a night of incredible sex with the one you love or a night spent by yourself, adoring yourself. The experiences that fascinate and entertain you make up a fun-filled life.

What about having fun at work or in your business? Many home business entrepreneurs, I’ve discovered, lament their isolation, their laborious schedules, and the lack of enjoyment in their everyday lives. On the other hand, although I work really hard, if you were to overhear me during the course of the day, you may mistake me for being on vacation. Laughter, music, dancing breaks, collaboration with cool people, and time to savour delectable meals, a game of tennis, or a yoga session are all typical activities. My business idea is built on leisure. My staff is aware that we don’t do things that aren’t enjoyable.

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Because I am aware that a joyful step will result in the greatest rewards—profits, love, and health—I prefer to ask my clients what would be the most enjoyable next step when I am coaching them.

Fun is the main focus of all of my mastermind events. No formal meetings or uninteresting lunches. No checklists in 3-ring binders. Not my thing. but amusing? I’ve got that covered. Tarot card readings, massages, meals prepared by private chefs, evenings on the French Riviera, and gorgeous, entertaining women are all available. while also expanding our enterprises. It should come as no surprise that after spending time together, we feel energised and ready to take the next actions that will result in more fun and, by extension, more abundance, success, and adventure.

Fun gets things done. Which would you like to learn from: a lifeless, uninteresting woman or one who is fully engaged in life?

Why do so many women lack fun if it’s the key to leading an important, adventurous, and passionate life? In order to adopt a fun lifestyle, you must be ready to forgo three needs:

1. a desire to please

You only have to win over your own heart. Selfish? Not. At. All. Why? Because having fun makes you feel good, and being happy makes you a better wife, mother, lover, and friend.

Being around a woman who is having fun is delightful. I checked with my daughter about this one just to be sure, and she concurred. She said, “Mom, you’re fun.” That I’ll take! Significantly superior to “Mom, you know how to clean.” Thank. You.

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2. Fear of what other people will say

I’ll be truthful. Some people feel envious of those who, if there is such a thing, are living excessively fun lives. Know my response to that? not your concern. Set a good example for them of what is achievable. Those who are making a difference in the world don’t try to skirt their desires. They are having a great time while strolling right into them.

3. Insecurity

I’ve seen ladies turn off exciting possibilities because they’re self-conscious about their appearance. One customer declined a cruise because she didn’t want to show her bathing suit in public.

At Summit Series last year, my friend Sean Stephenson gave an energising address in which he urged the entrepreneurs on board to not let their insecurities get in the way of having a great time. His main point was to have fun instead of looking about and comparing. Sean, who is three feet tall, also dominated the dance floor. He most certainly enjoys himself, and his enthusiasm for life is contagious.

The majority of people are doing things that are supposed to lead to a rich and wonderful life, but they frequently result in excessive work hours, sleep deprivation, stress, and tiredness. It’s unlikely that your boss, who may also be you, will encourage you to enjoy and enjoy yourself more during the day. You must therefore take responsibility for adding more fun to your life. Don’t wait for approval before leading the life you want. Create it right now. Embrace the enjoyment. I guarantee it will result in a fantastic adventure that you may one day tell your grandchildren about.

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