Streetwear Fashion: 6 Essential Things You Need In Your Wardrobe

What is street wear? It’s a difficult style to pin down. Most agree that street wear style originated with the hip-hop stars in the 1990s but it’s also tied into the surf and skate cultures, too.

Street wear is fashionable yet casual. It’s polished, yet comfortable. And the most important thing to note about street wear fashion is that it moves with the trends so that it never goes out of style.

This means it might be difficult to incorporate street wear fashion into your wardrobe because you may not know what’s “in” and what isn’t. Also check minimalist watches.

Don’t worry, this is a list of the most essential, timeless street wear accessories and clothes. So, you will be able to rock the latest looks that all your favorite counter cultural idols are wearing, too.

1. Perfect Sneakers

Start working on your street wear style from the ground up by finding the perfect pair of sneakers. And there are tons of street wear brands that make fantastic sneakers.

You could opt for a chunky, statement sneaker like the Nite Jogger which will be the focal point of your outfits. These sneakers are available in tons of colors and patterns, too. If you like the sound of this sneaker, check it out here.

But street wear sneakers can be less flashy and be complementary to the rest of your outfit. If you have less of a hip-hop style and more of a skater one, Converse is ideal. Choose classic white hi-tops or mix things up with a trendy print; the choice is yours! look at affordable skeleton watch.

No matter what sneakers you choose, they should always look like you bought them two hours ago and walked out of the store wearing them. Keep them clean and in good condition.

The minute you see a tear or stain, donate them to Goodwill and treat yourself to another pair.

2. Dark Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are a staple in any capsule wardrobe no matter your style, but they are essential for street wear fashion in particular. They are durable and versatile so you can wear them with almost any of your other street wear pieces.

If you want to go for the full 1990s hip-hop vibe, then baggy dark blue jeans are vital. Granted, this style of jeans is very retro nowadays but there is nothing wrong with standing out and moving to the beat of your own drummer.

Modern street wear styles include straight-leg dark blue jeans with rolled cuffs or with a tapered fit. You can still get ones that look distressed and have tears in them if you like an edgier look.

Many street wear heroes refuse to wash their jeans and insist on sponge cleaning them. Whatever your viewpoint, as long as they look good and don’t smell then that’s all that matters.

3. Oversized Hoodie

What is more comfortable than a hoodie? An oversized hoodie.

Street wear style is all about comfort so this item is a must-have if you want to nail street wear fashion.

Go for the classic pullover-style hoodie and not the zip-up ones for extra comfort. You can choose plain hoodies in monochrome colors, but where’s the fun in that? Carhartt, Champion, and Off-White all make great hoodies in a variety of loud colors (orange and green are winners) and graphic prints.

For ladies, you can mix things up by choosing a cropped hoodie and pairing it with a matching pair of sweatpants for the ultimate lazy day look.

4. Camouflage

This isn’t one specific item of clothing, but you should have a camouflage piece in your streetwear capsule wardrobe. There is no logical reason why military and army-inspired clothes infiltrated this style, but they did.

Many see streetwear as a very masculine style. But in reality, it works for all genders.

Throw on a camouflage overcoat or sweatpants so that everyone will draw their eye to this piece of clothing. If you’d rather sport a more subtle camouflage effect, buy a hat or a pair of sneakers in the print instead.

5. Printed/Graphic T-Shirts

T-shirts might be at number five on the list, but no other type of top works with this style. Button downs and polo necks have no place in streetwear fashion because they are nowhere near casual enough.

And t-shirts with patterns all over, like striped or checked tees, won’t cut it either. You need a selection of 100% cotton t-shirts in a range of block colors with graphic prints. Neon colors are great as long as they don’t clash with your kicks.

Streetwear fashion is all about being casual but it’s also about displaying and showing off those designer tags, too. If you’re a skater or surfer dude, opt for custom printed t-shirts from Dallas tx with their name printed on the front. But if you have more of a hip-hop style, rep Supreme or Guess on your tees.

6. Beanies and Snapback Caps

You’ve got the clothes down, but you also need the essential streetwear accessories, too. Aside from huge designer watches and chains, you need to think about your headgear.

Beanies are the cold weather streetwear hat of choice. They are comfy and will stay on your head even if you are performing tricks down at the skatepark. Choose beanies made from merino wool as they will wick away sweat without you needing to toss them in the washing machine all the time.

Snapbacks are like baseball caps but the rim is wider and flatter. They are a favorite amongst all your favorite rappers and skaters and when the sun comes out, this is the only hat you should be wearing.

Build Your Own Streetwear Fashion Wardrobe

Streetwear fashion is what you want it to be. As long as you feel comfortable, fashionable, and confident then you’ve nailed it.

And if you invest in the essential streetwear gear on this list, you won’t go too far wrong.

Are you reinventing your style and need help choosing more items to build out your closet? Check out our fashion articles for more helpful tips and advice!

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