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The last two years have been full of uncertainty when it comes to the financial markets. The pandemic effects on the economies around the globe and especially in the USA markets have affected the way on which the retail investor approaches the construction of a strong investment portfolio. While there is plenty of information out there regarding investment and stock analysis it has become hard to spot in-depth analysis of the markets that makes sense to the current times. No to mention the fight of the retailers to avoid to be caught in the stock pump trap.


In this ocean of information an expert’s first-hand analysis of the stock market, real estate, blockchain, finance, and economy blog shines for the recommendations an analysis made throughout the last two years. We would like to introduce Antonio Velardo’s blog as the recommendations made through the last years have been just great.


Who is Antonio Velardo?

Antonio Velardo is an experienced Italian Venture Capitalist and options trader. Velardo manages an 8-figure portfolio of his investment company with a team of analysts; he is a sort of FinTweet mentor, people interact with him online, and he has more than 40,000 followers after his tweets. He has built a fortune in the great tech years and put together a tail strategy during the pandemic that allowed him to take advantage of the market drop. “I did not time the market, and I did not think this was even a black sworn,” he says.

How did Antonio Velardo start his journey in the investment world?

Antonio Velardo started his business ventures as a real estate entrepreneur. He worked on several real estate projects in different regions of the world, including the region of Calabria in Italy, Miami and other South Florida cities in the USA, the UK and the Middle East. However, Velardo grew his passion for the stock markets and focused on it obtaining great success by constructing a strong mixed portfolio.


What about Antonio Velardo makes him different from the rest investors and stock analysts?

Antonio Velardo believes in the mixed portfolio along with in-depth fundamental and strategic analysis to his positions.Contrary to the volatility player and quant trading, he always had a value investing touch in his blood. Antonio studied Value Investing at Buffet’s famous business school at Columbia University. Even though the central concepts of value investing are antagonists to the venture capital pillars, Antonio’s approach tries to bridge elements of both worlds in order to seek alpha. Velardo has learned the importance of spotting pure growth stories and taking advantage of their S-Curve position prioritizing companies with strong competitive advantages. This is an essential element of Velardo’s approach as he looks forward to embracing great tech stories at the right time of the adoption cycle. This applies to stocks but also to blockchain projects.


How to follow Antonio Velardo’s portfolio in 2022


Apart from following his blog and Twitter account, In July 2020, he opened a portfolio on eToro, which is social trading brokerage company from Israel that focuses on providing financial and copy trading services that, however, does not allow to copy options strategy or to copy some of the smaller microcaps that Antonio and his team dig for, but his track record his as totally outstanding. He did beat up Berkshire, ARKK, and S&P 500 by far, as you can see in the chart below. You can find him on eToro under the pseudonym of “woodpupil”.

Source: Antonio’s profile on eToro.


As you can see here, anyone who copied Antonio’s portfolio with $10,000 would have been producing $36,000. Those who have more than tripled their money with his trades on eToro are always commenting and interacting with him on the platform

Final thoughts:

So, suppose you want to step into the financial market and excel in it. In that case, you must get your hands on Antonio Velardo’s blog. He also provides fine information about FinTech, Blockchain and the crypto space.

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