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After an unconventional time period in the middle of a global pandemic where more people than ever are reporting symptoms of depression and anxiety, it’s easy to understand why self-care products might make great gifts. Many people have made major lifestyle changes as a result of COVID-19. Where some people have bought and sold homes, others have changed their jobs or work routines. And while everyone has handled the pandemic in their own way, one thing most of us have in common is that we’re busy managing our responsibilities and learning new routines.

If you or someone you love has fallen out of your wellness routine while trying to manage pandemic quarantines, lifestyle changes, and grief, now could be a great time to pick up a self-care item to get back on track. For self-care gift ideas to consider, read on. Before you know it, you or the person you love could be feeling better soon.

Beauty Products


Most busy people don’t have a lot of time to focus on beauty routines and regimens they might otherwise enjoy. If you or someone you love once enjoyed hair cair, skin conditioning routines, and more, a great gift could be something like a nail kit from TrySprig. This company offers a variety of nail products that can help with nail splits, buffing nails, and giving nails a natural shine. The best part about it is that a busy person can do their nails from home rather than wasting time at the spa or nail salon but get the same fantastic results.

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When considering beauty products or other items related to self-care, it’s always a great idea to find items that can be used at home or on the go. Whether it’s accessories for a spa night at home, face masks, massage tools, or something different by giving a self-care gift that can be used wherever the busy person goes is one way to help them keep up with routines they enjoy.

Maybe the person you love is working remotely these days. If so, gifts that could help organize their beauty supplies could be a great idea, too. In having a designated space for self-care and play versus work, they’ll be more likely to feel relaxed when engaging in beauty routines.

Travel and Adventure


Nothing says self-care quite like a great escape. If someone you care about enjoys getting away, a ticket, frequent flier miles, or travel gear could be a fantastic way to remind them to take a break. When thinking of gifts for the traveler on your list, try to remember any bucket list destinations they’ve mentioned. Even maps or information on that destination could be a great reminder of their interests and propel them to think about making that trip a reality.

Books, Movies, and Relaxation


Most people understand the importance of engaging in healthy self-care activities but that doesn’t mean we always think to pick up a favorite book or take the time to relax with a new movie. You can help the person on your list by gifting them with a form of entertainment they enjoy. Whether they love the classics are more apt to follow trends, your gift of entertainment will be appreciated.

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The reality is that staying mentally healthy is especially important for busy people. A way to decompress, it can actually make them more productive. In the end, mental wellness matters most. By buying a self-care product for yourself or someone you love, you’ll be giving the gift of peace of mind and quality of life even in these difficult times. Whether you opt for travel gear or something as simple as a new nail file with a hand-written note, making self-care a priority, and showing someone you care about that you support their mental health, you’ll be gifting both them and yourself a little hope.

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