The Top 10 Luxury RV Resorts America Has to Offer

Traveling via RV offers a range of resorts that benefits for you and your family. If you’re looking for the flexibility of traveling while you work, using an RV can save you money and offer convenience. Plus, in light of COVID-19, many are looking for ways to travel while maintaining minimal contact with others. RVs provide excellent ways to do this.

Traveling in your luxury RV is a perfect way to see the country, but it’s important to know where to stay on your trip. We compare RV resorts by amenities, communities, features, and more so you can decide which resorts to add to your bucket list.

Below are the top 10 Luxury RV resorts America has to offer.

  1. Bella Terra RV Resort

Head on over to Alabama to visit Bella Terra, one of the country’s finest RV resorts available. This upscale RV community offers an experience like no other. With high-end amenities, this resort takes glamping to a whole new level. As a bonus, the rates at Bella Terra are affordable at a few hundred dollars per week to rent a lot. Enjoy family friendly amenities like a clubhouse, private movie theater, and lake access for fishing and swimming.

  1. Motorcoach Country Club 

Located in the sunny state of California, Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, CA has been voted number one for the best RV resorts in the nation. And, for good reason! This RV resort is equipped with swimming pools, fitness centers, golf ranges, tennis courts, as well as restaurants and bars inside. This coveted country club ranges from a few hundred dollars a night to rent a slot to hundreds of thousands if you’re interested in buying a slot.

  1. Bluewater Key RV Resort

A popular tourist destination to begin with, Key West, Florida is home to the Bluewater Key RV Resort. With a private tiki hut and private docks for fishing and swimming, you can enjoy ocean access, beautiful views, and affordable rates at around a hundred dollars per night during the busy season. With easy access to rentals for scuba diving, fishing, and sailing, you won’t run out of things to do at Bluewater.

  1. Chula Vista RV Resort

San Diego, California is home to Chula Vista, an RV Resort right on the water. With sunny views, you’ll get all the beach vibes while enjoying a comfortable stay in your luxury RV. Enjoy guest access to the Chula Vista Marina, beach access, park access, and access to public fishing and swimming. You can also take advantage of various amenities like private pools, fitness centers, hot tubs, a game room, and a picnic area.

  1. Sun N Fun

The sunny state of Florida is home to Sun N Fun in Sarasota. This RV resort doubles as a waterpark to provide fun for kids and families of all ages. With pools, water slides, heated swimming indoors, rock climbing, and other fun activities, you can enjoy your stay without running out of things to do.

  1. Normandy Farms

It may come as a surprise, but consider making a pit stop in Massachusetts to visit Normandy Farms in Foxborough. This resort is especially accommodating to traveling families. You can use the RV resort and campgrounds to have a fun night in nature with the comfort of your RV right next door. Plus, you get access to a fitness center, basketball court, volleyball court, playgrounds, swimming pools, fishing ponds, a business center, and other amenities.

  1. Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort

Taking a trip to Vegas is a popular vacation idea, but have you considered taking on the city in your very own RV? Whether you want to risk it in the casinos or have fun at the bars, this resort is a great place to stay.

  1. Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort

Lake Toxaway, North Carolina houses a beautiful RV park right in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you’re looking for rolling hills over beach views, this resort is an excellent option. With golfind, pools, spas, and a concierge, you can enjoy amenities at an affordable nightly rate.

  1. Polson Motorcoach

As one of the state’s best RV resorts, Polson motorcoach is located in Polson, Montana. With Glacier National Park right next door, soak in the views and natural surroundings when you stay in this resort. Enjoy affordable rates, too!

  1. Cava Robles

Paso Robles, California is known for its unique, natural design. With wine tasting, amentitics like outdoor picnicking, game rooms, and spas, and multiple festivals scheduled throughout the year, there are many things to do when visiting this resort.

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