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Tips for Exterior House Painting and The Benefits of a Good House Paint

Something in black and white can only be seen as dull. The lack of colors can be very boring because of the lack of energy. Colors are responsible for bringing more life to things around us and in a person’s life, getting surrounded by monochrome can get very lifeless and tiring compared to a vibrant life filled with many hues of different colors.


When it comes to houses or buildings, color play an important role in making the place more breathable and comfortable. Whether you are painting for your home or a workplace building, the exterior look of the building is the first thing that many guests and people passing by will base their first impressions on. Having a poorly maintained or designed exterior will make a guest feel uncomfortable and sometimes not even want to make them want to stay much less visit the interior. Getting the best exterior painters Winnipeg to paint your building’s exteriors is one of the best ways to avoid this scenario and even give you the benefits of having a well-made building exterior.


Planning and preparing your building’s exterior takes a lot of time and resources. It is important to know full well the things you need to prepare when having the exterior of your home painted as it determines what the results of the paint job will look like. Additionally, you might also want to consider the benefits of having a well-painted exterior as these benefits make the money you invest towards your house’s exterior worth every penny. Let’s explore these things as we walk you through each step in this article.


Preparing for Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is an incredibly daunting task to undertake. The size of your house and building determines the extent of the complexity of your project. Pushing through this without any proper planning can lead to numerous problems along the way that will continue to pile on top of each other.


A properly formulated plan along with meticulous preparation is key to succeeding. We have prepared here several things you can do to help prepare for an exterior painting project so that you don’t have to worry about anything that might go awry in the project.


Scrape of Old Paint

If you happen to be applying a fresh coat of paint on top of your old one, it would be in your best interest to scrape off old paint. Scrapping off paint can take a lot of time and energy that might unnecessary. Some homeowners usually add another layer of primer on top of old paint to skip the scrapping process to save up on time and money.

However, this does the opposite as although a primer guarantees that the new coat of paint will stick, the new coat wouldn’t be as durable. Additionally, old paint can sometimes seep into the new paint and cause discoloration.

If you aren’t thrilled to scrape off old paint, you can focus more on scraping paint that is starting to flake. This way it won’t cause the new paint to be damaged or crack as soon as it dried


Repair, Fill and Sand any Noticeable Impression

The exterior of your home is prone to the element of the outdoors. It comes as no surprise that after a certain amount of time has passed, the exterior of your home wouldn’t be the same as it was several years ago when it was newly built. You would also want to conduct an inspection on your proper for any dirt that you can hose down and signs of rotting that might be happening. Dirt and rot make it harder for the paint to stick and often cause it to make the house look worse than it should be.

One of the things you can do to prepare for your exterior paint job is to repair any broken spots in your home’s exterior and fill up any depressions and holes that might be there. Additionally, sanding down your home, especially if it’s wooden, will be ideal as it smoothens out the surface and makes the paint look more even.


Prepare Primers and Sealants

Primers and sealants are an optional additional thing you can have for your home. A primer makes it easier for the paint to stick on the surface of your home’s exterior as well as helps preserve its colors. Spending the extra money to secure yourself some primers and sealants will make your house exterior more durable and cleaner. 


Benefits of Having a Good Exterior Paint Job

You probably have noticed the amount of trouble you have to go through to get the exterior of the house painted in the best quality. You might feel the time and effort might not be worth it as you can’t immediately see the benefits of it. We’re here to change that as we have here just some of the benefits of having a good exterior paint job done to your home.


Increased Property Value

One of the biggest benefits of getting a nice exterior paint job in your home is that it drastically increases your home’s value. One of the factors that come into the decision of your home’s value in the market is how aesthetically pleasing it is. The exterior being the first thing that many people see will play a major role in the value of your home. Having your exterior painted with a fresh coat of paint is one way to easily increase your home’s value if you are looking to sell it.


Protection Against the Elements

Paint doesn’t only make your home or building look good but also serves a dual purpose of protection against the elements. A good coat of paint can dampen the effects of weathering on your home’s materials while also protecting against moisture. 


Better Life Span of Materials

Continuing from the second benefit, an additional benefit that comes from having a good coat of paint on your home is that it prolongs the lifespan of the materials used in your home. As they are protected from the outdoor elements, they are more resilient to weathering making them as sturdy as they initially were.

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