Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying Used Electric Forklifts

You may be surprised to learn that forklifts have been around for a century. Nowadays, it’s even possible to invest in an electric forklift. Still, newer forklifts tend to be on the expensive side.

That’s why it can be worth it to buy used electric forklifts instead. Before doing so, it’s crucial to consider several factors. That way, you can ensure you’re making a wise investment.

From electric forklift features to the age of the equipment, there’s plenty to take note of. Read on to learn about the top five things you should keep in mind.

1. Electric Forklift Features

Carefully assess the electric forklift features you need. Decide on your lifting capacity, top lift height, and any other specialized features.

Consider factors like battery life and charging capabilities to ensure the forklift meets your business requirements efficiently. You’ll want to check out the Moffett Forklift & Piggyback forklift.

2. Used Electric Forklift Price

Next, check the price of the used electric forklift. Compare and contrast the various prices from different sellers. Remember to consider the general condition of the forklift as well.

While a lower price may seem enticing, be cautious of options that are too cheap. This could be a sign of potential hidden issues or maintenance costs down the line. Don’t forget to factor in any extra costs for repairs or upgrades.

3. Used Electric Forklift Warranty

Check if the used electric forklift comes with a dependable warranty. A warranty can give peace of mind by covering potential repairs and replacements within a specified period.

Still, be sure to review the warranty terms and conditions. That way, you can understand what’s included and any limitations that might apply. If possible, opt for a forklift with a comprehensive warranty to fully protect your investment.

4. Age of a Used Electric Forklift

Age is one of the major factors of a used electric forklift. While older models are often cheaper, they could need more frequent maintenance and repairs.

Newer models may offer advanced features and improved efficiency but come at a steeper price. Find a balance between age and condition to home in on a forklift that offers reliability at a reasonable cost.

5. Used Electric Forklift Inspection

Be sure to conduct a thorough inspection of the used electric forklift before making a purchase. Hire a qualified technician to assess the forklift’s mechanical components, electrical systems, and general condition.

Look for signs of damage, rust, or malfunction that could suggest potential issues in the future. Additionally, request maintenance records to gain insight into the forklift’s service history and any past repairs or replacements.

Used Electric Forklifts Can Save You Money

By finding the best used electric forklifts, you’ll get the most bang for your buck. The key is to be cautious and do thorough research. That way, you’ll have something reliable and powerful for years to come.

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